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Art Fight 2024 Theme Reveal
The themes have been revealed! 
Seafoam vs Stardust
It's an annual tradition to reveal the themes with an animation exclusively created for Art Fight! 
If you missed the stream, you can find the video on our Youtube!

Pick your team early @!

In order to level out traffic, Team Registrations have been opened early. The advantage of signing up early is that you get to pick which team you want to be on, as opposed to being sorted into a random team on July 1st. 

You can join a team by clicking this this link (or by clicking "Current Event" on the top right)! Reminder that starting attacks early is against our rules and can result in a permanent ban. 

Additional Updates & Announcements

Art Fight x Makeship

Well, what do you know? We've collaborated with Makeship to bring you your very own Wormston plush! That isn't all, though... Rep your Art Fight 2023 teams by purchasing our exclusive enamel pins

Wormston Plush is priced at 29.99 and the Werewolves vs Vampires enamel pins are priced at 19.99

Both of these will be available for 21 days. You will also get 5% off if you purchase both products, and an additional 5% off if you purchase within the first 48 hours. 

Filtering Update

Based on staff discussion and user feedback, we have made adjustments to the rules regarding suggestive themes. A separate newspost has been made, which can be read by clicking here

Art Fight 2024 MAP

This year, the 2024 Official Art Fight MAP song will be BUBBLE TEA - dark cat!

The applications for the MAP will go live on this newspost on June 22 at 12 PM EST.  Parts will be assigned on a first come first serve basis – users who do not get a part are automatically signed up to be backups. You must also have or be willing to use a Discord to communicate with the hosts of the MAP, cyxxie and scribedhearts.

As a reminder, all MAP parts and participants must follow Art Fight rules. While the entire part must be created during the duration of the event, parts may be of any finish level, and we are accepting and welcoming people of ALL animation levels. Participants will be required to join an Art Fight MAP-specific Discord server so the hosts can keep in contact easier and do check-ins throughout the month.

Signups >>>

We'll see you all soon!

Art Fight 2023 Achievements

2023 Achievements are here! They have been automatically given out, and you must have submitted at least one attack to be eligible.  

Werewolf Loyal - Vampire Loyal - Traitor - 2023 Winner

Thank you to Axel for the beautiful banners, team badges, and animation reveal.

Edit (06/18/24):

  • Clarified Art Fight MAP information.

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My first artfight, here are some of my characters for the more horror-oriented people!