Posted by admin on 14 June 2024 12:08:16 PM
Hello Artfighters,

Based on staff discussion and user feedback, we have made adjustments to the rules regarding suggestive themes. The edited rules can be found here.

   First and foremost, we’d like to clarify the reason that the changes to our suggestive themes filter had been made, specifically the section related to removing fetish art from the site, even if tagged under suggestive themes.

   Previously, we have had issues with a certain subset of users intentionally drawing art for (or requesting art from) unsuspecting and non-consenting users, some of whom were minors, that contained fetish art. This is called “fetish mining,” a practice wherein a user intentionally ropes another into participating in fetish works without the other user’s knowledge and consent. In order to combat this and reduce mod strain, we decided to remove fetish works from the “allowed” list under suggestive themes.

   Ultimately, after careful consideration of user feedback as well as several rounds of internal review, we decided that the removal of all fetish works was not going to help us combat this issue. Instead, it led to more uncertainty (as it is difficult to define what isn’t/is a fetish when it comes to suggestive work), as well as more moderator strain due to needing to delete all prior attacks/characters involving fetish. Instead, we have edited the filtering guide to once again allow fetishes, with the caveat that any works have to be non-penetrative (i.e. no people/objects are allowed to enter the body), cannot involve ageplay, consent play, or bodily fluids/waste, and MUST be filtered under suggestive themes. For those affected by moderator action following the previously made changes, you are free to reupload your characters so long as the works they are involved in keep in mind our guidelines. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!

   Additionally, we have also added General Rule 11 to combat fetish mining. It reads as follows:

  • 11. Fetish mining, which involves soliciting fetish art without the knowledge and consent of the user involved, is a bannable offense.

User Questions

1. What is considered fetish art? How does staff determine what is/isn’t fetish?

  • Fetish art consists of content that is intended to provide sexual gratification to the viewer/artist via a specific scenario/object.  The artwork may or may not initially appear “SFW” to someone who is not aware of said fetish. Regardless, if any content is intended to satisfy a particular fetish, it MUST be filtered under suggestive themes.

2. Are drawings of trans characters or characters who do not conform to gender norms considered fetish art?

  • No. Trans characters and gender non-conforming characters are not inherently fetishistic and would never need a sexual themes filter on this basis alone.  We have been and always will be an LGBTQ+ positive and friendly space. We care deeply about making other LGBTQ+ folks comfortable in all of Art Fight's spaces and ask that if you see any homophobic, transphobic, or other forms of discriminatory content on-site to please report it or contact a moderator about it as soon as possible.

3. Are drawings of fat characters considered fetish art?

  • No. Drawings of fat characters on their own are not inherently fetishistic and will not be considered fetish art. The same goes for any body type, whether exaggerated cartoonishly or not. The initial wording of “over-exaggerated proportions” was intended to refer to fetish art, not cartoonish works or different body types. We recognize the initial wording was poor, and it has since been removed.

4. Will I get banned if I unintentionally create fetish art?

  • No. We only ban for fetish mining if we are sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is both intentional and targeting minors or non-consenting adults. Users who have unintentionally appealed to a fetish will not be punished. For fetish characters needing moderator action, such as those without a suggestive themes filter or characters participating in fetishes that are disallowed on Art Fight, you would simply be alerted to the changes made by a moderator after the necessary actions were taken.
  • If you have any specific questions about particular characters or fetishes, feel free to DM a moderator that is okay with receiving questions about suggestive content.
Other Updates

  • A minor update has been made to the phrasing regarding NSFW content involving feral characters. Previously, the text had stated: “This includes characters who are sapient, alien creatures/animals, or monsters/fictional creatures.” This text was intended to specify that ANY feral creature, regardless of being made-up or real, couldn’t be drawn in suggestive or explicit situations. Due to confusion regarding these rules, we have altered it to read: “This also includes fictional or made-up animals.”

Additionally, we’ve made some minor changes to the following rules:

  • General Rule 7: Specified that comments are included
  • Upload Rule 1: Added additional bullet point
  • Upload Rule 3: Added additional bullet point regarding uncredited photography
  • Upload Rule 5: Specified policy on smaller creators
  • Upload Rule 6: Clarified that characters based on current real life tragic events are not allowed
  • Spirit of Art Fight Rule 6: Clarified that "point farming" is not allowed
  • Filtering/Attack Guides: We're currently working on updating visuals and removing old/inaccurate images from our guides

   We acknowledge the unfortunate timing of this newpost. We’ve been actively working on these changes throughout the week, and believe it'd be ideal to sort everything out on-site before the stream so as to not confuse the influx of users that become active once the theme has been revealed. We understand the importance of this issue, and want as many people as possible to see the changes made, so we will be linking back to these updates in the next few newsposts to ensure that all users are well aware of the changes made.

Comments (280)

NSFW artists can GTFO.
I never considered fetish mining was a thing but now I understand better where the rules were coming from, it’s unfortunate people were trying to take advantage of a fun art challenge like that. I am also glad some fetish art is now allowed if filtered properly though, hopefully there is a very visible opt-out for those who don’t want their characters or are under 18!

One thing I would suggest (if it’s not already a thing) is the ability for someone to mark a character individually with permission to be drawn in a mature theme, and if someone tries to submit something, since it is required to tag appropriately, it would be auto-denied with a notification explaining that character is not permitted in mature content. Some function to toggle on individual characters and just the whole account as a “I do/don’t want any Mature art”, I’m assuming that is already in place for minors by default.
(If any of this feedback is already in place I apologize for missing it, I felt the rules were too vague to want to ever try to submit anything fetish adjacent so I actively avoided that before)
Akivaq said:
Remmi i think its more about the apperance of animal-likeness than sentience/lore. kinda like how lolicon is banned even if the character is "a 1000 years old dragon"
Remrim said:
I never understood the rule for quad characters. Isn't sentience an important factor when it comes to anthto characters? Otherwise they'd be "feral" too and just bipedal animals.
oh fuck wrong,,thing sorry
we gyatt this !!!!!!!
SirMeo said:
A bit late comment, I was away and didn't remember my login info for mobile :')

Thank you very much for rolling back some ruling + clarifying the rules more, I kinda guessed where you were going with the rules, but still thought the wording wasn't. It wasn't good. This is a lot better. This clarification makes me also trust the mod team more, and I'm overall pretty hopeful about the situation. There will always be gray areas and confusion, but those can be dealt case by case. Also, I absolutely agree w/ the thought progress regarding fetish mining. I feel that even in best case scenarios, joining an art event just to get "free fetish art," feels to me its against the spirit of the event.

I hope everyone has a fun artfight!
Remember, if you're uncomfortable w/ someone's characters, general vibe and/or things they're requesting, you are not obliged to draw for them (even as revenge!) and if someone draws something that's against your permissions or is otherwise inappropriate, you can report or ask a mod to step in.
Thanks you so much,I really appreciate the insight!:) hopefully all is well when I post them lol
Genuine question, how will you enforce the fetish mining rule? The whole point is that the creator of fetish content obscures the fact they are posting fetish works, which means creators of this content will 100% use the “I didn’t know what I made was fetish art” exemption. 
gumoruko said:
hi! when will the official artfight stamps be released?
stitchgor3 my honest belief is something of that nature would not be considered a fetish, as long as you yourself do not see it in a sexual manner. Others may see it that way but in that case things such as open-toed sandals at the beach should also be barred, and/or if someone has made you uncomfortable with an attack on your character(s) it can be reported and blocked, I am sure a moderator may be able to help.
Per User Question 4.'s answer of: " No. We only ban for fetish mining if we are sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is both intentional and targeting minors or non-consenting adults. Users who have unintentionally appealed to a fetish will not be punished. "
(Though I would still filter for maybe gore or sensitive content whenever need be just to be safe if its such a prominent theme with the OCs

I hope this helps, though, if you are still concerned or need things cleared more thoroughly it truly would be no problem to contact/dm a mod, they are there to help! I would just hate to see this update kind of change minds with posting characters that are more than fine /gen
Floofy_Serval I can answer this! The reason they banned DNI's is because a lot of bullying tends to happen with those, like in the early days where people would but DNI if you're a trad artist! 

That being said, you are allow to have boundries. You can ask that if someone is in a fandom you don't like to not draw your OCs with characters from that fandom, but you can't tell them to not interact with you + the block button should be fine for filtering out people whom you don't wanna interact with!
Im still confused why dni lists are banned? 
Thank you for the clarification of this being about fetish mining & in making these steps in genuinely keeping people safe. I have had similar concerns about that, as someone who had been in communities unfortunately quite known for this (before managing to exit from them myself). I have actively witnessed both active rule circumvention by adults & minors bypassing it and/or being lead to do so by others and it was eugh,,, not right. This actually reads much clearer and definitive, and does eliminate the uncertainty about fat characters + cartoon proportions from earlier I had. Thank you for that!

One question: where would characters from species with 18+ elements fall? Same category as succubi?