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Theme Reveal Date

The Art Fight Theme Reveal stream will start at 2:00pm UTC and run until 8:00pm UTC, at which point the team reveal animation will play!

Art Fight Theme Reveal Stream

  • Please join us on June 15th for the 2024 Art Fight Theme Reveal, which will stream live on our YouTube. The stream will start at 2:00pm UTC and run until 8:00pm UTC, at which point the team reveal animation will play! 
  • The Art Fight Theme Reveal is an animation made annually by the talented Axel that announces the theme for this year's Art Fight. We hope you can make it, but don't despair if you can't - after the stream, the themes will be announced onsite, and the animation will be posted to our YouTube.
  • Leading up to the reveal, we'll also have a ton of in-stream activities hosted by mods like Quiplash, Gartic Phone, and some fun art games! We've also got word in that there'll be an exciting announcement after the reveal, so make sure to stick around. I mean what, who said that?
Graphic by scribedhearts | Illustration by Axel

Art Fight Start Date

  • Like every year, Art Fight 2024 will start on July 1st at 6:00pm UTC.
  • We recommend that you start preparing yourself now by updating your characters, bookmarking other people’s characters, and getting those refs into shape... there's no time like the present!
  • Remember that drawing attacks before Art Fight starts (July 1st, 6:00pm UTC) is against the rules. Not only is it unfair to others, but it is a direct violation of the spirit of Art Fight. If you attempt to do this, your account may be banned. Please be considerate and show good team spirit! 

Art Fight 2024

Information about changes made to the site, planned updates, and more!

Art Fight Keychain Updates

  • Keychains are now in production, and users who pre-ordered one will receive an email once they've shipped. They'll start shipping out soon, so keep your eyes peeled!
  • The onsite achievement for users who purchased a keychain will be processed before the event begins. Thanks for your patience!
Site Rules Updated

  • We've given our site rules a long-needed update. Before the event begins, please make yourself familiar with our updated Rules
  • Alongside editing them for clarity, our rules have been updated to reflect our updated Filters Guidelines, our disallowance of AI-generated content, and general information regarding allowed characters and content on the site.
Filters Guidelines Updated

  • We have updated our Filter Guidelines. Please take the time to review them here, as we have made some changes to certain types of content allowed on Art Fight. Notably, we have renamed Sexual Themes to Suggestive Themes, which has been significantly updated as a category. We are also moving away from using the term "Maturity Filters" in favor of simply "Filters". 
  • We'd like to apologize for making these changes right before the fight, as we understand that these kinds of updates can be overwhelming. Internal systems and resources took priority this year; in the future, we will release major rule updates at least a few months before the fight to give users ample time to review them.
  • To make up for this, we will be providing users with a grace period to change or remove any affected content. No penalties will be issued to users whose content may need to be re-filtered or removed from the site. During this time, moderators may hide offending characters and notify users that they need to be filtered or removed, and users will be able to migrate newly-disallowed content off-site. This grace period will last until July 14, 2024. After this point, content found that is in violation of the updated Filter Guidelines may be subject to stricter administrative action. Note that this grace period will not apply to content that is uploaded after the posted date of our new Filter Guidelines.
  • If you have any questions concerning our new Rules or Filters Guidelines, please contact a moderator or ask in one of our Discord's help channels. 
Updated DMCA Procedure for Copyright Infringements

  • In an effort to reduce site-mod strain and balance the creative expression of our users with respect for copyright laws, we have updated our DMCA procedure. 
  • Uncredited photo backgrounds are now handled through reports from the infringed parties via the DMCA system rather than through site reports. We encourage users to credit photo backgrounds if they are using them for attacks.
  • Below are the key points regarding what is now permissible on-site and what will be subject to takedown:
Permissible Content

  • Original characters (OCs) in canon characters' clothes.
  • Redrawing canon characters or logos on accessories; it is acceptable to depict canon characters on accessories such as T-shirts or as plushies, but they must be hand-drawn renditions.
  • Alternate universe (AU) characters can now bear a closer resemblance to canon characters, as long as the AU has at least one noticeable difference from the canon design.
Content Subject to Takedown:

  • Exact replicas and re-uploads of canon characters.
  • Directly uploading company logos as characters.
  • Posting images that are not explicitly free-to-use, such as collages or moodboards. You may however host these moodboards or collages off-site (such as on Pinterest) and link them in the character's bio.
May/June Changelog
Head over to our Changelog to find out more about what's changed!

  • Like in April, we focused on improvements and additions to our moderation tools. In the past, moderators were not able to view certain report types due to permission roadblocks. This has been fixed, and believe that this will lead to better response times on reports. The Tag Search has also been optimized and load times should also improve. Both of these fixes are in testing and will be live on the site this week. 
  • We are also working on implementing a way for users to delete their account. We're hoping to release this before the fight begins, but may not be able to due to the internal work it requires. As always, we thank you for your patience regarding this. 
  • Have an idea for Art Fight? Let us know here! We'll periodically check up on this form and add submitted suggestions to our Trello board. 

Edit (06/12/24): Regarding our new Suggestive Themes rules
- We plan to release a separate newspost clarifying and adjusting some of our recently changed rules

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verinea said:
Dogma50 said:
Team seafoam ftw!!
Joining the team stardust!!!! wishing everyone the bests of luck, have fun and prepare with anticipation 
P0t3n1al At the upper right of the screen is a link marked "Current Event".  Click on that link and three buttons will appear: one for each team and a third which says "Pick for me".  Just click on the button you want.
I choose Team Stardust!!! ✨
How can you choose your team? This is my first year doing ArtFight!
ZambiCrackers Aye aye! I’m going to be on Seafoam too!🌊⚓️
Heck yeah, I was hoping for seafoam/stardust! Let's go salty sea dogs!!
already made my stardust pfp! good luck
good luck everyone!!!
I dislike the fact that this year's theme isn't a dichotomy or even related (Seafoam and Stardust have nothing to do with each other?), but admittedly the icons look AMAZING! And for the aesthetic alone, I am excited! TEAM STARDUST FOR SURE!!!