Attack Guide: Size

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Refers to how much of a character is visible in the attack.

Art examples are under the spoilers.
(The spoilers on this page do not contain any content that require a filter. It is safe to click them on the Attack Guide.)


Simple Shaped Character:

Characters that have very simple designs and are not drawn with much detail. Worm on a string characters typically land in this category, as well as stick figures and blobs. Minimalist pixel works (less than 100 individual pixels or a 10x10px canvas) may also land in the simple shaped category.

Close-up details that show roughly less than 15% of a standard character (hands, face only, etc) would also be rated as Simple Shaped. Characters that can be drawn in very few strokes, such as a featureless circle or an uncharacterized blob of color, will be removed.

Head / Bust Shot:

Features a quarter of the character, typically excluding anything below the armpits.


Features half of the character, and may include limbs.


Features a majority of the character, if not all of it. Includes chibi-styled drawings of this sizing.