Attack Guide: Crafts

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Crafts refer to hand-made, physical works of art. Most components used in crafts should be hand-made by you. Patterns and stencils are allowed, but please credit these when possible.

Art examples are under the spoilers.
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Refers to the kind of craft that you are making.


Uses physical fabrics or fibers. Includes plushies, soft dolls, embroidery, needle felt, knitting, and others. Credit patterns if you are able to.


Physical clay is used to sculpt or mold characters, such as polymer or ceramic clay.

Heavy-material Work:

Wood, glass, metal, and/or leather is used to create a sculpture. Resin works also go into this category.

Paintovers and Cosplay:

Paintovers typically involve toy paintovers and modifications on physical items like dolls. Dolls must have minimum self-made clothes and a repainted face. Figurines must be fully painted. Please credit the producer of the toy you are customizing.

Cosplay involves dressing up as a character by the means of makeup, clothes and hair styling/wigs. Taking a picture of a real life person and drawing the character features onto them does not count as cosplay. Though, it's common to put a solid block of color in front of your face/eyes to conceal your identity. We recommend it for everyone and require it for minors.
Please give credit to patterns when possible.

This category heavily weighs character resemblance.

Food Art:

Includes edible ingredients, such as decorated pastries, food sculptures or food arranged in a manner that resembles a character. Food art that is just drawn can be rated as a drawing instead.

Bead Work and Brick Builds:

Features art created using perler beads or other types of beads and jewelry. Lego builds, Minecraft sculptures, digital Bionicle builds and magicavoxel also go under this category.

Paper Craft:

For attacks crafted using paper. This includes general papercraft, paper dolls, paper mache and origami. Buttons, pins, stickers and badges do not count if they just contain printed work.


Refers to elements that are included in an attack, but are not related to the character.


Lacks a background, or features a simple backdrop.


Contain self-made, repeating or abstract backgrounds. This can include nature or premade arrangements that display intentional item placement.

Props / Scene Elements:

Includes self-made grounding props, objects, or non-characterized animals.


Character is placed into a hand-crafted scene, containing a fore-, middle-, and/or background.