Attack Guide: Drawn / Painted

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Drawings are 2D works of art, and can be made digitally on a device, or traditionally with physical art tools.

Art examples are under the spoilers.
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Defined by the overall detail of an attack, and is determined by the artist’s intent and chosen style.

Rough Sketch:

Contains repetitive or visible construction lines, or very messy lines. These are often early stages of drawings with many stray marks and rough forms.

Clean Sketch / Lined / Lineless:

Features clean lineart, clean sketches, or works that don't use linework but have clearly defined  shapes and silhouettes. These drawings have very little to no visible construction lines.


Refers to the value applied to an attack. Includes monochrome drawings. Canvas color is not considered when rating a drawing.


No color or only a single color has been applied to the piece. Attacks with applied overlays and gradients may also fall into this category. Greyscale/monochrome attacks are not uncolored if the tones are accurate to the character’s design.

Rough Color:

Features uneven, sketchy, or unfinished colors that commonly spill outside of applicable borders. Can also be artwork where only parts of the character have been colored, even if this is part of the character's design.

Clean Color / Painted:

There is little or no color spill, and characters are toned or colored appropriately to match their reference images. "Toned" includes greyscale or monochromatic colors.


Refers to the light or shadow added to a piece to create the illusion of depth.


There is no evident shading within the drawing.

Minimal Shading:

Shading may appear in one or two places, but is not visible throughout the entire piece. One layer of gradient also counts as minimal shading.

Fully Shaded:

The drawing is consistently shaded, and may be influenced by one or more sources of light. This option is a combination of what was formerly "single tone" and "multitone" shading.


Refers to elements that are included in an attack in addition to the character.

No/Minimal Background & Photograph:

Feature a transparent, gradient, or photographed background. Among these may also be simple frames or works that use a premade brush.

Pattern / Abstract:

Contain self-made, repeating designs or abstract backgrounds that are not overly simple. Also includes handwritten text/typography. Traditional pieces who have colored in the background by hand can also go here.

Props / Scene Elements / Design Layout:

These types of backgrounds can consist of several elements in the background, but don't fully make up an environmental scene. The category can also be used for grounding props or held objects.


Distinct setting established by objects in a fore-, middle-, and/or background. If the background doesn’t match the quality of the character drawn, please rate it under the Props or Pattern category. (Example: Lined character but rough sketch background.)