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Attack Guide: Animation

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Size - Drawings - 3D modeling - Crafts - Animation

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Please note that there may be changes in this category before the 1st of july. We recommend checking back closer to the fight.


This category is an add-on for attacks that include movement. All animations must be original and made by the artist.

Art examples are under the spoilers.
(The spoilers on this page do not contain any content that require a filter. It is safe to click them on the Attack Guide.)


Refers to the amount of animation in the attack.

Minimal Animation / Animated Background:

Contains a small amount of animation applied to the image/artwork. Attacks that have animated backgrounds but non-animated characters also go under this category.

Partial Animation:

Only part of the character is animated, or under 50% of the characters in the attack are animated. Must have at least 5 frames.

Full Animation:

The whole character is animated and ALL characters present are fully animated. Must have at least 5 frames.


A rough version of a short film. There is some animation, but it often consists of a storyboard put into sequence. The animation should last longer than 11 seconds and tell a story. Add all characters only once, even if they appear in several scenes.

Short Film:

Animated attacks that build up a much larger piece. Frame-by-frame animations have 26+ unique frames, tweening/3D animations are 11+ seconds in single playtime length. Add all characters only once, even if they appear in several scenes.


Refers to the way movement is created.


Also called vector animation or motion graphics, this category is for animated attacks that use software to place inbetween frames. It can also count for animation where something is staticly moved around or fades.

3D Animation / Stop Motion:

Includes rigging to make the 3D model or sculpt move. Excludes turntables. Also includes craft attacks that feature stop-motion.


This category is for animated attacks that are mostly hand-made and unique in each frame. Some stop motion pieces may be rated in this category based on the character’s movement originality.