Art Fight 2023: Vampires vs Werewolves Custom CSS

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leafjelly (code + assets) and cyxxie (code) have come together to create custom CSS for this year's theme: Vampires vs Werewolves!
Vampire CSS
View how this code looks by visiting 0w0

Werewolves CSS
View how this code looks by visiting owo

Also check out the to view the individual assets! CSS codes to use each asset are available in the description box of each image.

I'm a premium member. How do I use this CSS?

Simply download CSS you want, select all and copy, then head over to your User Settings. After that, paste the CSS into the Profile CSS box, which is below your normal text box. Click save and you should be good to go!

Questions? You can ask them in the the Discord Server, or by messaging leafjelly / cyxxie.