Posted by deactivated7 on 21 January 2017 06:58:32 PM (Edited by Takaia 5 years ago)
Here you have it, folks! This is our last and final poll to determine the teams for the up-coming, 2017 fight!
Once again, you have one week to vote in the poll!
Please remember that teams will remain secret until the fight begins, and do not ask staff for the winning teams intending on getting a serious answer.
Ready? Set? Go!

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Aww yeah! New artfight? Niice!!
God I missed voting. But im super excited. I cant wait to for this to start again!!
i'm so hyped for this!! 
Bi-annual art fight would be absolutely amazing!
mumble said:
Oh man I haven't been on this site in forever (I didn't even know about voting, ugh) but I'm so excited already.
Biscuit said:
Bi-annual Art Fight events are something that has been taken into consideration, but as of now nothing is in place for doing Art Fight more than once a year. 
For now, plan on this summer as the next event!  <3 
Ragwilt said:
I can't wait!
eLeexir said:
Can't wait for when it begins!!!
I heard rumors that art fight was going to be held twice in future years. Either way the anticipation is real for this. Last year was my first year and I don't wanna miss any now!
I know I'm late to the party but I can't wait until this years art fight. 
OML I hope it's Sun VS Moon this year
I was too late to vote but I cant wait to participate in this again!
Gahh I'm so excited! Last year was my first fight, I can't wait for this years! 
Oooh man i forgot to be active cause there wasn't a fight going on so i missed the voting. But sun v moon is my hope. Anyways, july would be awesome for the time cause I'm really busy whenever school is going on.