Final Art Fight 2018 Theme Poll Hype!

Posted by Rainy on 3 February 2018 06:57:49 PM

Final Theme Poll

As some of you may remember, it's been about one month since we released stage 1 of the Art Fight 2018 theme poll. We’re happy to say that we got over 3,000 votes! With that, it is time for the grand finale, stage 2, the final poll. This poll is a little different from stage 1, because you can only vote for one option. Choose wisely! 

Vote here.

Volunteer Applications Update

Just a little update to say that we’ve advanced a batch of people onto the next stage of the process of becoming a volunteer for Art Fight. If you applied in May 2017 and you haven’t heard from us, please know that your application is no longer being considered. However, if you applied in 2018 (or on new year’s eve 2017), your application may be still considered. Applications are remaining open for now while we’re choosing new staff, so if you applied in 2017 but have something new to tell us, you can apply again.

We’re still interested in more moderators, and especially programmers. You can apply here whenever!

Comments (46)

Most of us can't seem to vote
There is a bug where there are infinite "Next" buttons
I'm also having problems voting, I think there is something wrong with the form :(
Can't vote.  I hit next, but there's always another next behind it
is it maybe a bug with google forms? just typing to say that I've been having issues w the poll too, hopefully it gets fixed bc I didn't get the chance to vote in th first part  ;w;
As has been posted before, I seem to have issues voting, though this could be on Google forms' side. There seems to be an infinite amount of "next"s we have to click past to get to the actual poll and out of the instructions. 
I can't vote.
I hit the next button and it just takes me back to the same page and I keep refreshing, but it still doesn't work
Same as lubird I can't seem to vote either for some reason
:< I can't seem to vote? I hit next and it just takes me back to the same page. But i hear heroes vs villains is an option and i'd vote for that if it counts lol.
Sweet tatertots
Time v Space
I voted for Heroes vs Villains. It's a classic!
order vs chaos!