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Final Score...

1274390.41 vs 1270369.21


The attack that did the most damage, with the most amount of characters from the opposing team is "Fun in The Art Fight Pub" by Pypixy, with a whooping 1223.43 points, featuring 62 characters! Wow! 

There were 5 other attacks that did more than 700+ points of damage. Click to check them out:

Staff Picks:

some attacks that the staff loved:



A total of 215088 attacks were made!

34573 of the attacks were friendly fires.

Tea made 107386 attacks. 

Coffee made 107702 attacks.

Participating users averaged 11 attacks for the month.

Over 51,000 new users joined us this year. In total, we have over 96,000 users total, including those from last year. Of those users, 38,894 of them took part in the fight!

Our discord server also saw massive growth and now boasts over 25,000 users!

Sixbane pumped out 867 attacks for team Tea, the most out of anyone once again. In total, Sixbane has done over 1502 attacks! 

Hammyandfriends did the most attacks for team Coffee with 392 attacks, in total has done 568!

The longest attack chain belonged to @Lentoid and lcarus with an amazing level 345 revenge chain?!?! What?!

Tea Party and Coffee Committee - a collab with the community

This year we thought it would be a cute idea to do a collab with the Art Fight community, and @sanguynn made the Tea committee and ori made the Coffee committee.

(click each photo to view full resolution)

Tea Party Participants: 


Coffee Committiee Participants: 


Those who participated get an awesome achievement: 

Helpful Members Spotlight

Thank you to these users that were very helpful and earned the helpful member achievement this year:

Unique Users

These users all did something unique to earn the achievement.

Being a good sport in the Discord server and helping with possible designs!

Before becoming an official Developer, Stokori helped the site out a lot by offering his skills when the site was acting up.

For being generous and advertising the site, getting thousands to join!

For making amazing illustrations and advertising the site! 

Danperteet -

Dan helped us out during the first few days by offering his server managing skills. He doesn’t have an Art Fight, but we would like to mention him regardless! 

Positive Users & Helpful Reports

These users were either very positive and helpful in the Discord or a huge reporter, or BOTH! 









You might have noticed the attack and team achievements were automated this year. We had a little hiccup and so if you don't have the correct attack achievements or a team achievement, don't worry! There will be scheduled maintenance to make sure everyone is up to date. We're still in the process of making the winner badge, donation badges, longest chain badge, etc. We'll announce it when we have! 

Answers to common questions:

  • The site will remain up and be available for viewing just like before, just without the ability to do stuff with attacks.

  • In a few weeks, the Discord start up a thing called Minigames. Minigames are art related games that you can play when Art Fight isn't active. We've currently got 5 different minigames. It'll be announced when they start up!

  • In October/November, we'll be opening signups for our annual Secret Santa, so stay tuned for that!  

  • If you’d like to continue attacking others, a good alternative is an art trade conducted via PM here, our discord, or other platform of your choice.

  • We are still accepting donations! Any donations made during the time between fights will be put towards your donation total for the upcoming fight.

  • Takaia will be contacting those who got art perks shortly.

We want your feedback!

You can tell us what you thought with the 2018 feedback survey.

Want a say in next year’s theme? Tell us which ideas you like! (Please no joke ideas though, it’s a lot to go through)

Thank you all for participating in Art Fight 2018: Tea VS Coffee

Please consider going back and thanking all of your attackers for the wonderful work they did for you!

We also have some DeviantART stamp goodies brought to you by @sanguynn!

And thank you to all of our generous donors!
539 different people donated to support Art Fight and help keep us running for another year! 
@silverpinerock @SuckMcJones Sedoris Kingfreak 404 @gheysnakelady @apprivoisie Daarka Jackster Cozy RetroMaple @WindedIvories @VOIDSPACER @Pupom @TheMunstacat LakeLake minniesalinas @swaphook Jalle @CitySpacer @eiectrify wilderniss AsisKotsuro @GyroTech Tybaxel Crocodailey Kayelsea SharaXOfficial ClockworkRhapsody
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Comments (158)

It's been 3/4 of a year since the last art fight was ended and this announcement was posted. Is there any update at all about the achievements getting "fixed" and "awarded"?

Because it is starting to look like the staff are more focused on mini-events than taking care of the main site's stuff. That might not be the case, but as there has been absolutely no update on this, and most of the news posts after this are mini events or seasonal events (with a few votes happening in between all of that), you must admit that it's not hard to see why that conclusion can be the one that's being drawn.
With ~3 months before the next big artfight starts, I'm sure you can tell why people might be anxious to get awarded the things they earned last year as they get ready for this up coming year's events... If it's still being worked on, a statement saying as much would be nice. Otherwise, it'd be grand if we could actually get the achievements that we earned...
Hi, not trying to be bothersome but I never received the achievement for this.
Are they still being given out? 
If not I never received mine but I understand that running this site can be stressful so sorry if I'm being a bother!
Hi, not trying to be bothersome but I never received the achievement for this.
Are they still being given out? 
If not I never received mine but I understand that running this site can be stressful so sorry if I'm being a bother!
Excuse me, not trying to be rude or anything negative, but when are you going to give us the achievement? 
Excuse me, not trying to be rude or anything negative, but when are you going to give us the achievement? 
ET3RN0L said:
its been hmm...4 months or so?? and some people (including me) have gotten no achievement badge things whatsoever??
is that going to be fixed soon? or not? bc im rlly confused why my achievements never appeared and they still haven't appeared
I also want to know when the team achievements are going to appear.
Still don't have any of the team achievements for this artfight either. Is there any news about that? 
I'm confused. Is there like a requirement I didn't meet to get my team achievement? Because I still don't have mine but others do. 
I'm confused. Is there like a requirement I didn't meet to get my team achievement? Because I still don't have mine but others do. 
Do some people just not get their team achievement? It's been weeks and still no little coffee badge when I see plenty of other people have theirs. No announcements about the winner team achievement either
Nightbat said:
heyy nice! Wish I could've done more attacks this year though, GG coffee!
When do the winner badges come out by the way? I’m super excited to see!
itsRain said:
Glad to see my team win yet again!! GG Coffee! 

Also I'm really impressed with the people who took the time out of their days to gain us 100+ points! :33
Aah, we lost!
Buut, tea is such a p. good team >w< gg, Tealies!
Next year I hope my next team win