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Posted by Takaia on 21 September 2016 07:26:13 PM (Edited by Rainy 3 years ago)

 Final Score
 113,622 vs 113,943
 It was so close! Good job everyone!

 We've got a selection of achievements that we'll be passing out for participation! Unfortunately it has to be done manually as we didn’t have time to program in automatic ones, so please don’t worry if it takes us a while to get to you. We’ll let you know when we’re done, and if you’ve still not gotten yours you can contact us.

 Here's a list of all of the possible achievements you can get:


Team Magic | Team Technology | Traitor | Winner


1 Attack | 10 Attacks | 35 Attacks | 75 Attacks


Supporter | Contributor | Backer | Sponsor


Magic Valedictorian | Technology Valedictorian | Longest Chain | Helpful Member

More than 10,000 people signed up for our first fight on the new website.
Of those users, 7,173 of them took part in the fight!

A total of 30,876 attacks were made!
3,709 of the attacks were friendly fires.
Magic made 15,413 attacks.
Technology made 15,463 attacks.
That means there's an average of 4.3 attacks per participating user.

The attack that did the most damage was “SEISMIC OVERKILL: waifu” by shiinkaku for a whopping 135 points!

There were 5 other attacks that did more than 50 points of damage. Click to check them out:

101 people donated a total of $1,649.
10 of the donors were anonymous.
An average of $16.33 was donated per donor.
We accomplished 2 tiers of our donation goal and part of the way into the third!
Thank you everyone who donated! You can still donate by clicking the button in the footer <3
Other Info
The site will remain up and be available for viewing just like before. However, you will not be able to upload attacks, nor will you be able to rate them.
If you’d like to continue attacking others, you will have to do it privately via PM or on another site!

You are still more than welcome to donate while there is no fight! Any donations made during that time will be put towards your donation total for the upcoming fight, so you’ll receive any perks that you donated for. Donation perks from this year’s fight will expire at the beginning of the fight next year. Takaia will be contacting those who got art perks shortly.

We want your feedback!
Please fill out the final survey and tell us what you thought.
Feel free to also discuss what you thought in the Discord server as well.
We're looking for theme suggestions for Art Fight 2017! Click here to tell us your ideas. Please no joke entries, however.

Last Words
Thank you all for participating in Art Fight 2016: Magic vs Technology!!
Please consider going back and thanking all of your attackers for the wonderful work they did for you!

And thank you to all of our generous donators!
@silverpinerock, @alienalfredo, Russet, mdragonflame, @sabertooth, @themunstacat, Ghostsenpai, @reth, @spaghettore, Varkarrus, jenn, TheGeekyNobody, KingGrif, kyogre, Pika, AbsoluteDisaster, Pax, @azmaven, Brad1816, cyaf, @qeoffrey, skulldog, Redd, Gainstrive, quoting_mungo, bizarrebloodyprince, Zixmix, cbts004, Serigruh, Sixbane, Blue, city-kings, cannibalism, @bts, @kiwikidd, Delle, PastelNebulas, trashguts, pitbullie, infinipede, Uluri, mute-owl, Mychelle, boobun, Shinkei-Shinto, dragonair, arcanine, catty, SurferVelocity, foxpotion, @criminals, Yesterday, Squabble, CircusBalloon, Xshadowstar, @sadgem, Kitsunka, wxu, @SoulBeater, cat-mum, @fauxnee, lucifer , nyxibun, @sakuragx4nina, dally, @eIectrify, meszzy, Case, @spottedphyre, @wolpertingerprince, Santi, @erleuchtete, Erradox, @cutesatan, @iinewsii , rabbitos, @eIectrify, @sardlne, Biscuit, cat, Brimzy, cedar-bastion, @whovianrinny, @kiruraki, @soly, @quantumnightmare, @tackytician, spritesock, @aquaodle, and StarWaffle

Comments (64)

Enjoyed this a lot, even though we lost!
Well done to both teams, it was so close.
Will hopefully participate more next year.
See you all then!
jllycat said:
This was so fun! I'll miss this alot, but we'll meet again soon! See you next year!
Woop woop
Can't wait for the next one B)! I had fun during this one for sure!
Congradulations team tech. This was my first at fight and it was a blast I'm glad I participated and I have to admit attacking and getting attacked is fun. I hope I can participate in next years!
Great job Team Tech! This was my first art fight, I had a lot of fun doing it!
Excited for next time, gonna prepare better so I can do many more attacks. ♥
i had the time of my life here! can't wait for another year : ) you're all so talented! 
l_u_cid said:
how am i supposed to wait a year ;w; 
Couldn't participate as much as I'd hope for but what a fun Art Fight year this was! Also loved how this site was organised this year round, can't wait for the next one!
Tessy said:
I had so much fun this year. Great job everybody! 
That was awesome! I can't wait the next fight!
scream said:
Rainy said:
Vraxon the next Art Fight is planned to be in summer 2017!! We have briefly discussed a biannual thing, but nothing has been decided. 
This was rly fun!! Im looking forward to next year!
Howee said:
Thank you all for the attacks they all were very beautiful! I'm looking forward for the next fight!