Posted by Rainy on 4 July 2021 08:16:50 PM (Edited by Rainy 3 months ago)

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The banners look amazing! Such an awesome variety of characters too <3 They turned out awesome. Super excited for the fight this year! I've participated for a few years and this is such an awesome event with an amazing team behind it. I look forward to it every year! Good luck this year everyone!
who's that proto in banner 3?
Rainy said:
PineapplePanda that was due to site lag, so likely won't be happening this year since the site held up! 
Rainy said:
Lioness should be all sorted now
Tofuuru said:
Looks awesome *-*
This is killer I LOVE THEM!
Lioness said:
Are y’all going to make the tag unusable for other folks? I wanted to grab more banner OCs to bookmark but saw non banner characters in the tag already, tho now thinking about it idk how you would do that..
I was wondering, the last 2-3 years we got a week back in August, will they be doing it again this year? 
Seabi said:
So cool!
Quaiful said:
Even though I'm on team steam punk the cyberpunk design looks so beautiful 😳
They look pretty nice.
luxi_cc said:
so hot😍😍
omg i love them 
Account_ said: