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Posted by Pika on 30 July 2022 06:01:23 PM (Edited by Pika 1 year ago)
Time flies... there are about 48 hours left of Art Fight 2022!!

Here's what to expect for the end of the fight:

  • As established last year, team point totals will now be hidden until the winner reveal.

  • The winner reveal and final point totals will be announced on August 15th, 2022 by end of day.

  • Site moderators will spend the time between the fight's end and the reveal going through as many attack reports as they can and making rating adjustments as necessary.
    You may report incorrect ratings on attacks until August 5th, 2022 at 12:00PM MDT (18:00 UTC). After this point, you will no longer be able to report attacks for incorrect ratings from Art Fight 2022.

  • The official end date of Art Fight 2022 is August 1st, 2022 at 12:00PM MDT (18:00 UTC). You can view the countdown to the end of the fight on the front page of the site.

  • Don't wait until the last minute to submit your final attack- the site will likely see some slowdown in the final hour of the event, and you will not be able to submit attacks once the the clock hits 12:00PM MDT on August 1st. Staff will likewise not be able to submit attacks for you after the event ends.

  • Please note that the "Recent Attacks" section on the front page will be removed once the event ends, and won't return until next year's fight.
We're in the homestretch now- good luck out there!!

Comments (5011)

GMH said:
I gotta say. I'm happy I won but I'm also thrilled I made some new friends and improved on my art so much. I can't wait for next year
Congrats bloom!Goodwork everyone this was my first ever year for artfight and I had fun!
For my first ever artfight, this was a lot of fun and I meet so many nice people on the way! I can't wait for next year's artfight!
Congrats Bloom! This is really nice win! I almost thought our team will win, but you tried really good! Congrats once again I can't wait for next year
Congratz to Bloom! I can't wait for the second round haha next year haha!
Congrats Bloom! I have being doing Artfight since 2018 and this is my first time winning so I'm happy!
GG yall, and congrats :)
That was great! Everyone did so amazing and the amount of effort that everyone put in was amazing. I'm happy I was able to join and I look forward to next year!
Kiki-chu said:
This was so much fun! Can't wait to do this next year with all of you!
JK341 said:
Oh snap! :0   

Wasn't expecting that for my first year! xD   Well done to everyone tho. ^^
Congratulations bloom team and GG everyone, I enjoy doing this art fight this year and can’t wait for next year👍
I had so much fun! I am so doing artfight in the next few years
Amazingly done everyone!! I cant wait for next year's Art Fight, It was so much fun like usual! GG! 
Dang, lost the first year this year, but oh well can't wait for next year