Posted by deactivated7 on 19 August 2016 11:10:00 AM (Edited by Takaia 6 years ago)
Hello everyone and we welcome you all to ArtFight 2016! You have a day to touch the shiny and get your characters and perms up and the FIGHT will start tomorrow at noon site time! Better get prepped.
(Some clarification: You are able to upload characters throughout the fight, not just this one day! But since everything is brand new, we figured it best to give you guys some time to get set up and situated.)

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Rainy said:
To anyone who is confused, or needs help, 
PLEASE PM ME! I will be able to help you there. Your question may get ignored here. 

September 20th! 

To anyone who is confused, or needs help, 
PLEASE PM ME! I will be able to help you there. Your question may get ignored here. 
WildKat said:
How can I see who I'm following even if they arn't following me?
When does this end?
i am having trouble submitting my character. it keeps saying there was a problem but i filled out all the important fields of the form. what am i doing wrong??? TnT pls help?
Yu-tanni said:
Considering that this is my first time, I'll spectate for this round and see how things work around here. 

Good luck everybody. 
Lizardio said:
This is pretty exciting. This is my first time but I'll have to be a spectator for now until my drawing hand feels better.
This is my Second year, though I haven't been here since Zombies v Hunters year, I look forward to participating again!
This will be my first time so I'm ready to rumble. 
TheGeen said:
This is my second year, and I can't wait to start!  :3
alolas said:
second year here (i was here for the 2014 one i think and that was fun!) but this is my first time being here from the start.
the new website is smooth and gorgeous, you guys worked so hard, i'm proud... can't wait for the teams to be announced!! fighto, everyone!
uncosmic said:
This is my first year and I'm not quite sure how it all works. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Cow-Legs said:
First year!! I am terrified but ready   
@buzzkid winquts Kimo
Aaaah so excited to see you all! AF is a LOT of fun, its a very accepting community of so many different artists~
As advice, post the characters you want art of. You may get 5 pieces of art or you may get 25 it all is really like a seesaw based on your activity. Many artists attack back or counter attack if you choose to fight them if their time allows. Please have lots of fun and ask questions if you get confused! The mods are all wonderful!
buzz said:
It's my first year, and I'm a little confused but excited!! 
winquts said:
Aaaa so nervous!! anyone that has done this before has some advice?