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As of today, there is now a new rules page, separate from the Terms of Service for your convenience. This page can be found up in the "Info" dropdown in the site header.

Though it is important for and expected all users to read the Terms of Service, this should hopefully serve as a easier way to check up on the rules. 

Please look them over, and never hesitate to ask a moderator if you have any questions! 

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Some rules are always a good thing. *Nod.*Nod.*
Biscuit said:
Uluri Animations have their own rating options. Basic examples for how to categorize these ratings can be found here.

For a comic, they can be marked similarly to the attack example you linked. Just mark the character multiple times. 
Animations with extremely minimal movement could probably use that as well.. Whatever you think is more appropriate! It will probably very much so be a case-by-case matter.

I hope that helps a bit!
Uluri said:
QUESTION on Art Uploads for Animations. This is relating to the use of panels to comics, but I also wonder about Scenes to animations. Comics and multi-image media where the character is drawn multiple times in different ways are counted for multiple times being drawn in an comic/multiimage series (Example would be 2016's most damaging attack "Seismic Overkill: waifu" ). Does this also apply to Animations where there are multiple scenes such as This:
Orange Character is animated in 3 different animated scenes. (first 3 being really simple)
Purple Character  1 simple animation, 2 still images
Green Character 2 Still images
How would you go about rating this for an attack??
beep beep :^)
Biscuit said:
Reds33sall It is included in Rule 15 on the Rules Page!
It is also apart of 3.b. on the Terms of Service.
Ello there! So I know this should be common knowledge, but is there a place it states that ocs, not just art, shouldn't be copied or stolen? Not all my OCs have watermarks. So I thought I'd ask.
Biscuit said:
CanaryOfAzurite Yep, I believe those should be fine!
Thank you again!

Oh okay, thanks for clarifying. (I probably still wont post any AU versions of charas anyway because I don't feel like Artfight is the place for them anyway)

And yeah, I already figured that posting existing works' interpretations of gods (like for example the Disney Hercules or Percy Jackson versions of Greek gods or something) wouldn't be allowed since those specific interpretations are copyrighted, I just meant one's own interpretations if they have an original story like the one my friend and I are making since as I said I'm pretty sure the source material of the original myths themselves are public domain.

So if it's okay as long as it's not copying an existing work's interpretation (like Disney or PJO), I'll let my friend know!
Biscuit said:
CanaryOfAzurite I want to clarify that AU characters are allowed, so long as they are creatively different enough from the inspiration. 
Going by that, your interpretations of these mythology characters will probably be just fine. As you stated as well, I'm pretty sure that Greek Mythology in itself is in public domain. So you guys should be fine! (However, posting an exact visual copy of Hades from Disney's Hercules, for example, would not be allowed.)
Thank you for checking in and making sure!
Okay so I just thought of something I wanted to ask cause I wasn't sure, bear with me here but...

I know that AU versions of canon characters aren't allowed since they're still canon charas and all even if its a non-canon alternate, but here's something I thought about and wanted clarification...

What about if you're writing a story with alternate versions of gods or monsters or whatever from a world mythology? I mean sure its not technically an originally created character but its not like world mythologies have copyrights on em, they're kinda public domain I'm p sure...

I just wanted clarification on this since a friend and I are writing a story with a Greek mythology world in it and he said he wasn't sure if posting our story's version of the gods would be allowed.
Just discovered this, cant wait
I am brand new to this so I'm glad there's new rules and verifications, thanks. 
Uluri said:
Biscuit thank you for clearing the confusion on that one. 
Biscuit said:
Sorry if my wording was confusing! I was using "filtered" to describe the maturity rating. 
As long as you mark the image as mature content when uploading it, then you're good to go! You do not need to alter the image at all, as long as it follows what is allowed on Art Fight.
Uluri said:
Biscuit "Mature work is fine as long as it is properly filtered."
So artwork still needs to be censored despite the content rating mature for nudity?