Posted by Biscuit on 2 July 2017 12:51:56 AM (Edited by Takaia 3 years ago)
I am happy to announce that the site should be stable right now and hopefully will stay up at a normal speed. We are monitoring the situation yet and are working on maintaining the site's stability. 

Thank you everyone for baring with us in our struggles.  

A huge thanks to our awesome owner and coders who figured it out! 

Takaia @morichinatsu Pika

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Having to reset password every time I log in to access account ouo
I've seen others already doing attacks, but for some reason I can't click the 'find me someone to attack' button. Any help is appreciated ^^
uhh my cousin (@wolfnut336) can't log in so I'm typing this for her; there's been lots of trouble logging in, and everytime she tries to log in it says password/username incorrect and it won't let her log in, even though we checked for errors and capitalization and everything. She has to reset her password every time she wants to go on Art Fight, and sometimes even that doesn't work because it says that the email is invalid even though we checked for spelling mistakes and wrote it correctly. Please help!
I still can't submit an attack
This is cool ;0; I'm in lovday 
Rainy said:
To everyone who needs help or has a question,

Please PM me or any of the moderators! We can help you faster and more efficiently. 
Rainy said:
Cotton, Koorvix

Make sure you're not putting in the # (hashtag). 
Cotton said:
It wont let me attack either, the character # isn't working 
Koorvix said:
I cant submit an attack !!!! the character #'s aren't working 
Biscuit said:
LurkerEtch You had a space in your username! I removed it for you. 
I am having trouble logging in.. Every time I try to log in, it says my password in incorrect, even though I make sure to check for spelling, capitalization, and any other errors. Resetting my password is the only way for me to access my account and I've reset my password to the exact same thing three times now :c I'm on the mobile site, if that makes any difference
Reima said:
Soooooomuch better now~ I almost doubted that it was all my laptop's doing, but I wasn't the onlyone so.... I am very very glad of all these fixes xD Good job~ Enjoying my time so far
Jin-chan said:
LOL i thought it was my wifi that i ended up going to my dad's

thanks for fixing it and putting in your hard work mate
Pam said:
Woooh thanks for all your hard work!!!
tarocake said:
thank you for your hard work on fixing this! unfortunately ive ran into some problems, somehow everytime i try and change my avatar it doesnt change, even when i try hard refreshing it! currently i have this 50x50 as my icon, i changed it to a 100x100 and apparently it still gave me the same 50x50 icon

i tried changing it to a png (example : dog headshot ) that is within the 100x100 frame, if i change it to something else (example : cat headshot ) within the same frames, somehow it still gave me the previous avatar and not the current one, thank you for your hard work on keeping this site stable!