Posted by Biscuit on 2 July 2017 12:51:56 AM (Edited by Takaia 1 year ago)
I am happy to announce that the site should be stable right now and hopefully will stay up at a normal speed. We are monitoring the situation yet and are working on maintaining the site's stability. 

Thank you everyone for baring with us in our struggles.  

A huge thanks to our awesome owner and coders who figured it out! 

Takaia @morichinatsu Pika

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i cant even use my profile or like edit anything- :|
The checking system for attacks doesn’t work and I’m unable to attack at all plz help!! :’(
it wont let me post attacks - every time i click “check” for characters, it doesnt work :(
help please it wont let me check characters when submitting an attack
I have been trying to submit my characters but after i finish everything and click on submit it says "your file couldn't be acessed -  it may have been moved, edited, or deleted -  ERR_UPLOAD_FILE_CHANGED"
I am currently trying to upload characters and it says it has a pixle limit of 200×200. And for icons 100×100 yet I see others with art of such high quality it's impossible their art is at such a low pixle rate. Am I doing something wrong or will I have to downgrade my art quality and or redo it all for lower quality?
Im having trouble with “checking” a character in while trying to submit an attack- its like its not acknowledging that im clicking the button but im not having trouble else where while submitting. Help???
It won't let me attack! It won't let me tag characters :(
It wont let me submit a icon, because it says it isn’t under 100 pixels. I dont know what to do! Please help!! Thanks!
My friend VioletFlameBearer Forgot And keeps resetting his password, but there were errors, like 'Invalid Token' Or 'Debug Info'. Any help is appreaciated.
I've seen others already doing attacks, but for some reason I can't click the 'find me someone to attack' button. Any help is appreciated ^^
uhh my cousin (@wolfnut336) can't log in so I'm typing this for her; there's been lots of trouble logging in, and everytime she tries to log in it says password/username incorrect and it won't let her log in, even though we checked for errors and capitalization and everything. She has to reset her password every time she wants to go on Art Fight, and sometimes even that doesn't work because it says that the email is invalid even though we checked for spelling mistakes and wrote it correctly. Please help!
I still can't submit an attack
This is cool ;0; I'm in lovday 
Rainy said:
To everyone who needs help or has a question,

Please PM me or any of the moderators! We can help you faster and more efficiently.