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Please fill out this survey if you're interested in Art Fight shirts!

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I really want one, but where are you able to place an order? I don't know If they're on Amazon, Tee Spring, or another selling site.
I really like the design and the idea of having the option of your username on the back!
I want limited edition artfight shirts that show the teams and the artfight logo with the year but go away and are replaced next art fight with the new shirts. That way we can buy shirts to represent our favorite art fights and what year it would have taken place.
Will these become available?
Radja said:
The team-specific shirts look great!! But then it'd be weird because it wouldn't represent Art Fight as a whole & people who weren't present for this year's fight would have NO idea that it's an Art Fight shirt......And a lot of us probably don't have the money or space to get a team shirt every year.
ALSO, it would be amazing to have a shirt with our custom usernames written on the back!!! That would make other Art Fight users capable of finding our profiles without the trouble of us spelling out the names, should they ask.
I'll probably pick one up when they come out XD
I agree that it would look cooler if the general art fight logo was somewhere on the team shirts and a username option would be really cool to be added to the back (or custom text if that is possible?
FANGwoof said:
I personally like the general Art Fight logo better but if you were to do Sun/Moon shirts, I would suggest a small Art Fight logo on the front and putting the team logo with text on the back. With just Sun/Moon on the front I feel that it's not descriptive enough.
I think they are perfect the way they are, except just adding the option of your username on the back! 
I love these! I agree with what someone else said about making the shirts black, rather than grey. The logos would pop more, and black generally works better for most people
tigervi said:
i n e e d t h i s
Dusk said:
AwolKid said:
Rat-King said:
I'd like a tank tops (I don't wear anything else but tops lmfao)
I really like the idea of the shirts! Maybe make a general art fight shirt with text and the year? Because I would definitely be interested in buying one like that.
jennasis said:
maybe have a smaller logo on the front top corner of the shirt and the full logo on the back? and maybe tank tops??