Posted by Takaia on 20 August 2016 11:52:09 AM (Edited by Takaia 6 years ago)
We're working very hard to optimize everything on the server, but seeing as we scheduled the fight to start in 9 minutes from now, we might need a little more time to work things out. Thanks for all your wonderful support and patience!

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PHAUX said:
thank you for all the work <3333 take your time!

0ct0m0n0 said:
Not a problem, you guys take your time ♥
you guys get what you need to get done, take your time and no need to stress; thank you for all the work your putting in!
Don't worry about it! You guys are doing your best c:
Hey man, it's hard work. Thank you for trying your hardest for us, and good luck!!
goo said:
it's fine ! thank you admins for your hard work ♥ 
baying said:
This just means the hype is even bigger hehe!! :"D Thank you for all the hard work!
TheGeen said:
Take all the time you need guys! There's no rush. 
No rush
cozymoth said:
Take your time <<3333 ;o;
sheepuns said:
Yeah guys, no rush! I'd be happy to wait as long as you guys need.
toxiioa said:
Take your time! It's worth the wait, Thank you
lusomnia said:
Don't worry and don't stress yourselves! Even if the start is delayed for a bit
annatto said:
It's fine, take your time, good luck to you guys!!
alolas said:
[size=2][font=Times New Roman]thanks for all your guy's hardwork! ganbatte!!