Posted by Takaia on 23 July 2017 09:45:46 PM (Edited by Takaia 3 years ago)
Because of the slowdown at the beginning of this year's fight, we're extending Art Fight by  a couple days, so now it will end at 12:00PM on August 3rd. The event and the timer on the front page have been edited to reflect this. Thanks again for your patience during the downtime!

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What timezone would that be??
I might not be able to attack on the last day because I'll be busy with other things but I'll be sure to pump out attacks a few days before!
hey I've been kinda busy trying to get food money and I saw this and thought I still had time to post attacks finally, but the site wont let me
SoloRoko said:
Awesome! Thank you guys for your hard work!
YES. More time to try and finish my bookmarks! Thanks!
That's super nice, thanks
I was just tweeting about how I wasn't feeling it for getting my last attack started and finished before Sunday (can't do it Monday bc of my birthday) but there's still hope for me to get it done! Thanks so much for the extension!
Habonde said:
Awesome! That'll give me some time to whip up a few more attacks.
Thank you! And great!
aww.. i cant continue in this :(  I dislike school... takes up so much time. Ah well... here's to next year's..
pochimu said:
That's good! o:
sobbloo said:
Thats great! I've been going in bursts but a few more days is never a bad thing!