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There has been some concern recently over how attacks of minimal characters have been getting a disproportionate amount of points. To address this we ask that when categorizing your attack you categorize attacks of characters similar to the ones shown above, as well as characters that have simply lines for their body/limbs, as “head/bust shot”. 
While these attacks feature the character’s entire body they do not include “an entire body” and as such should not be categorized as full body. Thank you for understanding! We will be going back and adjusting the categorization of attacks to fit this interpretation of the rules. If you see any related attacks that are marked incorrectly, you may report them (don't worry, such attacks will not get an official warning). We plan on addressing this in a more integrated manner before next year's fight.
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Maybe for "blob"/simple characters there could be a label that the creators of said characters can put on that'll automatically adjust the points given to pieces including them accordingly?
Maybe for "blob"/simple characters there could be a label that the creators of said characters can put on that'll automatically adjust the points given to pieces including them accordingly?
Eurene said:
I would love to have tiny character added as a label. I can't see how it is about judging talent -  tiny character could still have detailed rendering to describe work put into making it, it would just be worth fewer points. Let's face it - no way that blob would take more time than a full humanoid character with the same level of finish. Accordingly - there could be another label for characters with multiple forms or character sheets. I always feel bad when someone does twice the job and isn't rewarded in any way.
Now, since we're talking about points - there's another issue I've seen. Backgrounds are worth way too much. I've seen people placing one solid circle in the background and labelling it as abstract instead of flat. In fact, I started doing it myself since I could have easily got 30% more points just by adding few simple lines behind the character.
One thing I've very much enjoyed about artfight is how the current complexity of the entries while submitting an attack do not judge your art skill or level. Its really encouraged me to improve and I feel I have quite a bit sense I started artfight this year and I've seen other artists improve here. I've seen some people comment kind of calling people out for only drawing 'simple characters' or only drawing 'chibis' but artists all have there own comfort level of what they feel they can draw and accomplish with there art. Or maybe that's just all they have time for doing. Or in there style it's hard to do complex characters and designs. And when your start going in and categorizing art even more then it takes away from the fun and allot of people might be scared again because they feel there art isn't 'good enough' because of the really complex entries you have to pick. Or some of the younger artists might be confused. You also have to think what that artist thinks of there art. Maybe they drew something and it's very complex for them, or very very detailed for them and clean and very shaded because they've never drawn anything like it. 

When picking things like that there can be allot of issues and you should be careful with phrasing or you can loose allot of people who do art fight or are interested. I've had friends this year that i have tried to get on it and they were a bit hesitant because all the other artists. But once I started talking to them about it they are really pumped for next year!! 

Oh another thing I want to comment on! Character sheets! Or character designs. It would be awesome if there was a way to put how you've drawn multiple full bodies of a character or something along that nature. Or a character sheet with multiple angles and pictures of them. It stopped me from doing so because I was confused on how to label it. 

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Radja said:
I understand the concern, as I've seen these 'blob' characters becoming the only thing people would draw for the owners of those characters....
But at the same time, I really don't want the categories to become super complex. That would honestly be kind of a deterrent for me....I have trouble enough as is with deciding what counts as what. 
they're coming after me, boys.
Kaenisei said:
Just saw the comments about categorizing chibis-- please don't, that'd be unfair! '-'
Maybe putting a category 'tiny characters' for very small things such as blobs and simple chibis, maybe even stick characters, would be fine but otherwise, that'd be unfair for detailed chibis...

Also, people saying there are things like level of details for outfits that would be fine to be added: it is a good idea but don't think it'd be for the artist to determine it. I've seen many artists choosing wrong things at the moment of upload (like 'detailed shading' while their shading is barely visible), so that would fake the results even more... Let's not ask to add more fields to the upload form, please, or let the owner of the character determine it? orz

Anyway, I have to admit that I felt a bit bad when drawing a rock character and in the end selecting 'full body' haha//
Biscuit said:
When attacking, you can just add the same character ID twice! 
pepperly said:
/looks at chibis discussion
I would not enjoy a hit on chibis, as I put just as much work into my chibis [x] [x] [x] [x] as I do my fullbodies [x] [x]. Punishing proportion would not be fair at all. :,(
Other than a tickbox for incredibly simple characters (such as blobs and fresh and in-training digimon), adding too many options may be detrimental to point coverage overall.
What about characters that have 2 forms? Like you draw a monster and their human form in one image so you can't put that you drew 2 ocs but you did draw 2 very different characters
Biscuit said:
Lineless drawings tend to fit best under the Speedpaint or Detailed Rendering categories!

It sounds like this would most likely fall under a case by case basis depending on the detail the character shows. However, placing it under Half-Body might be an appropriate choice!

Lol yeah my blob character has gotten 60% of the attacks on me, though I can't blame people for wanting a break from more complex characters!
The idea that the character owners mark how complex their character is sounds like a great idea! Although it doesn't mean too much if an artist draws them in a more complex outfit, or simplifies them a ton in the drawing; that makes me feel the distinction should be artist side, maybe ?
as I've seen mentioned, a character design 'complexity' section would be useful for such! 
This explains the reasoning behind my character complexity suggestion. Maybe owners could rate their characters "Simple," "Moderate," or "Complex" in their design. Maybe a "Super simple" category, too, if it's needed.
Avi said:
Regarding the people who are asking about adding a "chibi" category:
"Chibi" is Regarded as a style* of characters with round, large heads, and disproportionately small bodies. (The rest is up to the artist, and the proportions are not always the same)
Chibis can be drawn full body, half body, with headshots, detailed, simple lined, and with no lines. (With shading and with no shading, etc.)
A new category like that would affect attacks such as Apricity, Freya, or Dill: They are somewhat-Chibi, but fully detailed and well-worked on drawings that wouldn't just fit under a "Chibi" category for the reason that the style is simple.
One thing that's good about this site is that they're categorizing the quality of the work that is being produced, not the style of art that is being used to produce it. (*"Chibi regarded is a style") The simplicity of submitting an attack is a pleasant feature, but adding too much "style" to a section would have drawbacks. To say that you have a simple drawing is already easy.
(I wrote too much, sorry and thank you)