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Final Score 

599,644.7  vs 598,258.52  

Good job everyone! 


We are working on coding in an automatic achievement system, so achievements won’t be handed out right away. We will be releasing a separate news post showcasing the badges when we are ready! 


The attack that did the most damage, with the most amount of characters from the opposing team, is “THE COLOSSAL ATTACK OF 2017” by Dapuffster for an amazing 397.75 points, featuring 57 characters!  

There were 5 other attacks that did more than 150+ points of damage. Click to check them out:

Staff Picks:

some attacks that the staff loved:


A total of 143,381 attacks were made!

16,614 of the attacks were friendly fires.

Moon made 62,753 attacks.

Sun made 64,014 attacks.

Over 35,000 new users joined us this year. In total, we have over 45,000 users total, including those from last year. Of those users, 26,562 of them took part in the fight!

Our discord server also saw massive growth and now boasts over 9,000 users!

The longest attack chain belonged to @Habentes and @sardlne, with a chain of 158!

Sixbane did 431 attacks for team Sun, the most out of anyone once again!

Roseyshining did the most attacks for team Moon with 257 attacks!

Participating users averaged 4.8 attacks for the month.

303 different people donated, making a total gain of $6001

That’s an average donation of $19.50 per person.

We accomplished all 4 tiers of our donation goal!

A huge thank you to everyone who donated! We are so grateful for all the donations this year.

Thank you to these users that were very helpful and  earned the helpful member achievement this year:


For being an amazing person and offering to do donator art rewards.

For making the amazing illustrations in our About page and advertising Art Fight quite excessively.


For being a friendly presence in the Discord and helping out users.


For also being a kindhearted and helpful person in the Discord.


For doing a ton of Art Fight related streams, advertising it in a positive way.


For helping the moderators out and reporting attacks a lot!

For also helping out the moderators by reporting a ton!

Give these users a follow, they deserve it!

P.S.: Goodies!
by Daarka

Answers to common questions:

      • The site will remain up and be available for viewing just like before, just without the ability to do stuff with attacks.

      • If you’d like to continue attacking others, a good alternative is an art trade conducted via PM here, our chat, or other platform of your choice.

      • We are still accepting donations! Any donations made during the time between fights will be put towards your donation total for the upcoming fight.

      • Donation perks from this year’s fight will expire at the beginning of the fight next year. Takaia will be contacting those who got art perks shortly.

We want your feedback!

You can tell us what you thought with the 2017 feedback survey and the #suggestions channel on Discord

Want a say in next year’s theme? Tell us which ideas you like! (Please no joke ideas though, it’s a lot to go through)

Thank you all for participating in Art Fight 2017: Moon vs Sun!!

Please consider going back and thanking all of your attackers for the wonderful work they did for you!

And thank you to all of our generous donators!

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Comments (178)

Biscuit said:
Howee I apologize for the delay. There will be a news post soon explaining the situation.
Howee said:
I have a suggestion. I get that its hard to make the achievements, so maybe it would be a good idea to make a news post explaining the delay?
Rainy Oh! Alright, well, that's understandable, no worries then!
Rainy said:
@Toxic-Talon Our coder is on an unexpected leave - so achievements are delayed. Sorry! 
Hello, not to rush anyone, or anything, I'm just wondering why I haven't received my achievements. I know there's a lot of people this year, but it's already half way through October...
rip sorry didn't mean to comment twice 
woot just saw this but awesome!! excited for next year
woot just saw this but awesome!! excited for next year
Biscuit said:
Katy_the_Neko There is no exact date quite yet, but most likely in July!
i missed this year's fight i just made mine and im adding more characters when will the next art fight be?? I WANNA KNOW!!!! EEEEE 
monsters said:
Not sure where to post this but would we be able to have an option to disable the discord server on the front page? It breaks my browser every time I visit the site :(
Good game guys! Had a lot of fun with it!
Biscuit said:
Howee there have been some unexpected complications with achievements this year due to the amount of users, so we're still trying to figure out the best way to go about them. 
We haven't forgotten though, and will get to passing them out as soon as we are able to! Thank you for being patient and understanding. 
Howee said:
I don't wanna sound rude, I was just wondering when we're gonna get our achievements? I saw some admin say that it's gonna be done till the end of August, but it's already 13th of September.
Again, I don't wanna be rude, just wondering!
ukksai said: