Posted by Takaia on 23 June 2018 02:37:04 AM (Edited by Takaia 2 years ago)
We ended up having to do it by hand again after all the waiting >_< . Because of this, we were bound to make mistakes, unfortunately. If you don't have an achievement you qualify for, check the following requirements and make absolutely sure you actually qualify for the achievement:

- to get the Winner and Team Moon achievements, you must have made at least one attack for team moon and currently still be marked as team moon (light blue username)

- to get the Team Sun achievement, you must have made at least one attack for team sun and currently still be marked as team sun (yellow/orange username)

- to get any achievements for number of attacks, your current total number of attacks must be that number or greater. The available number of attacks achievements are:

   1 attack, 10 attacks, 35 attacks, 75 attacks

100 attacks, 150 attacks, and 250 attacks

To check what achievements you have, go to this URL and replace [USERNAME] with your username:[USERNAME]/stats . Hover over each picture for a description of what the achievement is for if you need to.

If you still think you're missing achievements you qualify for, please report yourself from your profile page. Title the report with "Missing achievements: [USERNAME]" (again, replace [USERNAME] with your username. ) Do not ask for achievements you didn't earn. We will be checking to make sure you earned them!

We are really busy right now, so failure to follow these instructions could result in your report getting ignored or at least very delayed. Getting impatient and sending in duplicate reports will also have these consequences. Keep this in mind.

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lurkie said:
20 mins!!
Caharse said:
In one hour ! I'm so excited !
I really love how it's possible to report yourself. Like why is this so funny to me
Florain said:
I'm excited for this to begin !!
Koza-san said:
Haha its already July 1st here and will be midnight in a couple of hours ;u;
I can't wait for it to start!!

im legit just sitting here waiting for it to start lol
cyanne said:
this is going to be exciting aa ;w;
I really like the achievements you are now able to get with attacks
can't wait for the fight to start
The fight starts 4:00 AM here at my place. And I have school ;_; (This is my 1st time in the Art fight so I might not know much)
lurkie said:
7 hours until art fight!!
Starts at 19:00 (7pm for the math-challenged ) in Ireland/UK
Fantasy said:
for those who dont know when it will start in their time zone, here's a helpful comment:
MDT: 12pm
PDT: 11am
EDT: 2pm
CDT: 1pm

What time does Art Fight start i'm in the eastern time zone
Milo_Piw said:
Es mi primera ves! Que emocion!!!