Posted by Rainy on 8 August 2018 12:12:46 PM (Edited by Rainy 3 months ago)
Art Fight has ended! Thank you all for participating. 

Now that the event has ended, you won't be able to attack anymore. However, the site will still be up and you will be able to do everything but attack. 

Please give the moderators a few days to tend to reports and adjust ratings before the official winner is announced. You are encouraged to report any incorrect ratings you see! 

Comments (282)

Ayleen said:
YAAAASSSS!!! Can't wait for the next year it was amazing thank you!! 
this was m first year aaaa gg!! hope to see y'all next year!!
this was my first year as well, and i kind of joined near the end of the event and i didnt get to post some attacks ;0; its ok though i can wait
that reminds me, how long until it starts again? sorry for being a uncultured swine hahah this is my first year, remember
It was unfortunate I never got around to finish my 3 revenges but this being my first year here- it was hella fun!! I look forward to next year!! 
Pijeff said:
Sorry for the one who i wasn't able to attack back. See you all next year
I wish I would've had more time to attack people but it was still so much fun to participate this year^^
See y'all next year
furryman said:
It's kind of unfortunate that challenges happen every once a year, but all in all I had fun. Whenever I wanted to draw something I would always come on here to find some characters to draw. Thank you, the creators, for making this website and letting people have fun with this site
Had a lot of fun this year, thank you so much for all the excitement!!
I wish it lasted longer! It was a lot of fun tho!!! ?
Shwassh said:
First year, travelled a lot but had fun while I could participate!!! looking forward to artfight next year!
Kaenisei said:
This year was fun too, thank you for making this game!!
I'm a bit disappointed because I didn't have enough time to attack as much as I wanted though ;_; it's hard to become an adult aaa
oof i actually joined artfight last year, but i never participated in the sun vs. moon fight because i didn't know how to even pick a team, lmao
so tea vs. coffee is technically my first art fight. i really wish i had been more active and had more attackers, but i had fun anyways
This was my first year of AF and it was really fun! I couldn't do as much as I wanted due to work and other things irl, but I still had a great time regardless :0 next year I'll definitely have more attackable characters
rabbitos said:
awwyeah This was my 4th year and it was great. I was way more productive this year than during any of the past fights and managed to do mostly fullbodies instead of just headshots
It looks like Coffee might've lost but that's OK, everyone did great.
I look forward to next year!