Posted by Rainy on 30 September 2018 06:59:47 PM (Edited by Rainy 2 years ago)
October 2018 Art Fright Minigames

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the October 2018 Art Fright Minigames announcement. We have some cool things going on this month. Let’s get into it, shall we?

What are Minigames? (recap)

Similar to forum games, minigames are Discord-hosted fun little art-based games that can keep everyone busy throughout the year, and keep the community active when Art Fight isn't active.

There are 5 current games, including Draw The Person Above You, Prompts, Telephone, Guess Adopts, and Featured Character! 

If you're interested, more information can be found in our Discord Server.

*You must be verified (make an introduction) to see the minigame-info channel

October Prompts

We’ve got a special prompt this month. Rather than just one every month, we have a prompt EVERY day! However, don’t feel like you have to follow each day carefully. Feel free to do the prompts in whatever order you want, and feel free to skip prompts!

Post your creations in #prompts! These can also be used in #guess-adopts as inspiration.

We’re encouraging creativity on the behalf of our users, so feel free to @ us on our server or social media with the hashtag #artfright

Don’t forget about the palette! Feel free to use this as a prompt for your ArtFright prompts, but remember that it isn’t necessary to use it, and you also don’t need to use it specifically for the prompts. Go ahead and make up your own drawing using it!


We’re encouraging users to participate in the official Inktober prompt this year! You can post your creations in the #prompts channel. Want a challenge? Use some cool shading methods to experiment with your art!

Note: you can also mix-and-match the ArtFright prompts with the Inktober prompts.

Please MASK all body horror, gore, etc.

Comments (15)

Woo! I cant wait!
laphie said:
hi friends,, nervous time !!
Mwahahahaha!!! Art Freight is here! Scary COMIC SANS!!!
aaawhyme said:
Tickinq I totally agree! this looks really fun, but i dont have a discord but i would love to participate
                                                 S P O O P Y     M O N T
E X C I T E M E N T 

S P O O K Y  T I M
It'S sPoOkY mOnTh EvErYbOdY. ((a small suggestion for next year, it'd be great if we could host the minigames on artfight itself,, for peeps who can't have a discord like myself and others))
Pinkapop said:
Pinkapop said:
I'd love to participate, however, I can't access Discord as of now. And I'm not sure when I CAN access it. What should I do??
is blood okay to use? because i know it says no gore, but just a little blood.
Stereo said:
Time to get spooky!