Posted by Rainy on 4 October 2018 08:12:01 PM (Edited by Rainy 2 years ago)
Hey guys! 

Stage 1 of the Art Fight 2019 theme poll is out! However, you only have 1 month to vote in this poll! This poll will end on 5th of November. 

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Hope vs despair or dreams vs nightmares!
cryyote said:
just a quick question, when will it begin?
Dream vs Nightmares
If Werewolves vs. Vampires won, then I better be in the werewolves team
I'd love it if there was Team OwO vs Team UwU
Hope vs despair

because we have to

or i will die
hurricane vs tornado, perhaps? cyclone vs hurricane? typhoon vs cyclone? and other variations etc. 
hope vs despair is chill with me though 
Hope vr Despair!!
idk tbh. For Modern v Vintage it might be cool if people on Vintage drew in a cuphead-esque style while people in modern drew in their own? help
Yunoki said:
Or even Toyhouse vs. Deviantart!! 
Just kidding lol
Tulip said:
I have dreamed of this theme lol!
I love the guy who said "Pizza Hut Vs. Papa Johns" XDD
1. Good vs. Evil
2. Evil vs. Wicked
3. Dreams vs. Nightmares
4. Ice Cream vs. Cake (IDK !! \^w^/)
5. Mustard vs. Ketchup? XD
alunar said:
well, that good, then no one was joking about ketchup and mayonnaise
Hope vs Despair