Art Fight 2019 Theme - Final

Posted by Rainy on 4 November 2018 08:14:25 PM (Edited by Rainy 8 months ago)

As some of you may remember, it's been about one month since we released stage 1 of the Art Fight 2019 theme poll a month ago. We’re happy to say that we got over 7,000 votes! With that, it is time for the grand finale, stage 2, the final poll. This poll is a little different from stage 1, because you can only vote for one option. Choose wisely! 

What did you vote for? 

Comments (465)

Dream vs Nightmare!!
Didn't get to vote, but I'm hoping for Dream vs Nightmare! ^^
Dream vs Nightmare!
?? For some reason the screen just says “thanks for voting” even though I haven’t yet
dream vs nightmare will be kind of fun to do
i cant remember what i chose but i think it was dream vs nightmare
I voted for hope vs despair just cuz of danganronpa lmfao
Dream vs Nightmare.
Dreams vs Nightmares
lanterns vs candles :')
Dream vs Nightmare
90% of "Hope/Despair" people: DANGANRONPA OMG
9% of "Hope/Despair" people: let me be an edgelord ok
That other 1% of "Hope/Despair" people: man, that theme sure sounds cool

(not meant to offend anyone, just saying)
dream vs nightmare
Dream vs. Nightmare