Posted by Rainy on 15 December 2018 10:16:09 PM (Edited by Rainy 2 years ago)
Hey everyone! Volunteer applications are now open! We are looking for primarily moderators and coders the most, but you're feel to apply to the art position as well. Please read each application form closely before applying. 

Moderation volunteer application
- You must be at least 18 years old to apply
- You must have participated in one Art Fight Event (does not include minigames).
- Reminder we will most likely look at users who are more active in the chat/site/reporting than those who are inactive. 

Coder volunteer application
- You must be at least 16 years old to apply.
- Looking for those experienced in server administration, Javascript, MySQL, git, etc.
- You must have participated in one Art Fight Event.

Art volunteer application - now closed
- You must be at least 16 years old to apply.
- You must have participated in one Art Fight Event (does not include minigames).
You will be notified in the upcoming months if you were selected.

Comments (18)

Can I volunteer to be a Mod?
I'm 19, Born 1999. 
This is my first event so im good in that area. 
I check, attack and add new ocs almost every day. 
I've been an Admin/Mod in various other things in the past and own a functional group chat of my own. I'm also an Admin in training on a discord server. I'm really friendly, I check out attacks and characters from members I have not encountered before rather than just sticking to my own group of friends. 
bugpaws said:
art volunteer. was born in 1988 so im well more than old enouugh @[email protected]
nyacem said:
applied for art volunteer!! thanks for the opportunity, even if i have no chance of being selected.
redoxus said:

jekylll said:
ah, i'm not old enough. how unfortunate,,,
Lapp said:
i can be an art volunteer (16 years oldd)
I can help as an art volunteer I'm 22
not even close to 16
that stinks
i wont be 16 until like a week after the next art fight ends
beeffii said:
The Discord ID question on the art application is not working, it says the question is required, but must be fewer than 0 characters??? I'm really confused.
Why I'm not 16 years old.

W h y .
(I wanted to be a Art volunteer)
Oh sWEET! I'm definitely going to consider this!
yesile said:
Someday, I'd like to volunteer, but because I don't think I'd be able to put in as much time as I want/should, just take my money instead. (Well, my money and very occasional reports.)
Rainy said:
Duqqy yes :)

Ender369 hurrakka they focus on drawing AF official banners, achievements, drawings for videos and pages, etc. 
Ender369 said:
I never worked with anyone before even tho i always wanted to do something like the Art volunteer I guess, what you mostly do in that?