Posted by deactivated7 on 19 September 2016 12:30:03 PM (Edited by Takaia 5 years ago)
It’s crunch time and you’ve only got 24 hours left to fight! We encourage everyone to try to go out with a bang! The score is very close, so it’s anyone’s game. We’ve also got a variety of achievements to give out at the end, and the more you play, the more likely you’ll get one of these.

As you may have noticed, we replaced the countdown timer on the home page with just a clock. It turned out that the countdown was not using the site’s timezone, but instead the timezone of the viewer’s computer (local time), so to avoid any confusion, it has been removed until we can fix it. The clock, however, runs on site time and can be trusted!
(The countdown timer is back!)

On another note, if you happen to notice your scores change from now until the end, don’t worry too much as that is just the mods doing last minute checks to see that people scored themselves correctly. Because it’s crunch time for us, too, you probably won’t be getting any kind of notifications or warnings when a mod modifies the score on a piece.

We will try to have the final results and statistics ready for you as soon as we can after the event ends! Please remember to stick around afterwards for voting on next year’s teams and to check out any achievements you might’ve received, as well.

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I'm a little sad to be seeing it end this year. I hope it gets to the point where it can become a tri or bimonthly competition, instead of yearly c:
But, that's the purpose of goals! I'll be happy to participate next year (and do more donating next yeah hehehehe)
is the discord channel going to stay active?
Wait, does this mean Art Fight will be ending for the month or the year?!? NO!
Jin-chan said:
so when the countdown ends, the event ends until there's a new one occuring?
eLeexir said:
NOOOOooooooo! I don't want art fight to end T____TT
artfight forever
Takaia said:
Droid That's correct! sorry for the confusion and that we didn't get the countdown fixed in time
i live on the different side of the planet so the clock thing sort of confuses me, ack! i apologize for the silly question, but once the clock (on the front page) hits 12:30PM, that marks the end of the competition for this year, correct?
Rainy said:
Yes! The site will still be up for viewing. You'll be able to comment and view like before. The only difference is you won't be able to upload attacks, nor will you be able to rate them. 
skulldog said:
Quick Question?
Once the timer runs out, is it possible to comment on/view who attacked us during this round? I still have way too many people who drew for me and I haven't gotten to yet. I'm worried that once this ends I'll lose the ability to keep track of them in some form. Even if I can't submit new art, just having a record to give art off site would be lovely.