Posted by Rainy on 6 March 2021 05:49:33 AM (Edited by Rainy 2 years ago)
Hello Art Fighters! 
The team has been hard at work revising our site rules. We heard your concerns loud and clear, and with your suggestions in mind, we have changed and added a lot. This includes the new category "Spirit of Art Fight", made to ensure a positive and kind environment. We'd like to ask you to read through the entire rules page again to avoid accidentally breaking any rules! 

You can read the rules here.

Asides from that, you should start seeing more updates from the team as we get closer to the fight! We will be announcing changes done to the attack and maturity ratings in the coming months, amongst other exciting things! 

We hope that you are excited for Art Fight 2021, and enjoy these new rules. If you have any questions regarding the rules, please comment below! 

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I have a question...but it's not about the rules, how do people get backgrounds on their profiles?
I wish at least the human ocs made using artbreeder were allowed, like I get furry characters but modified photos? idk...
I really wish I knew how to play this cuz it sounds so fun but my eyes won't read it TvT
I actually appreciate that this site doesnt have any ads... so this is me throwing in my 2 cents and asking for no ads plz ^^;
Anolee said:
MintyBerry Hi! The only way those would be affected would be that the new username is attatched to them. ^^ Was there a spesific way you were worried the change would affect them? 
MintyRad said:
I'm pretty late to this update, but I have a quick question regarding username change. Would it affect your attacks, defenses, characters, etc.?
Sketchkolbold There isn't a list on-site outlining what fetish/kinks are considered SFW for Art Fight as we do not want to expose underage users to such terms. If you have any specific words or images you're concerned about, then you can DM them to me and I'll let you know  if such content is allowed after discussing it with other moderators.
Thank you for the update! Can´t wait for it to begin ;D
Gotta love the "delete the site" button-made me remember it was April 1st lol
Though here's a question that i've reading here. SFW fetish/kink stuff is allowed. Though is there a list what is considered SFW and not since i don't exactly see a list on what is allowed on here.
Fairiez4berriez As long as you drew it, then pikachu on a shirt would be fine as we consider pokemon a species and not a specific character. For example, something like Ash Ketchum's face on a t-shirt would not be allowed. ^^
RedlaSunShowers029 Thank you for asking! Only SFW fetish/kink art is allowed with a sexual themes filter. Vore and other NSFW kink words is completely disallowed on site in attacks, character images. character bio text, and in permissions. Hypnosis would be considered a SFW fetish and is allowed under a sexual themes filter. If you want to write allowed SFW fetishes in the character bio text or character permissions, then the character would need a sexual themes filter. If you're unsure what fetishes are NSFW or SFW then you can PM a list of the words you're uncertain about and I'll let you know which ones are allowed or disallowed on Art Fight.

Inkpenartist Excessive use of pre-made brushes, even if the brush is made by you, would still need to be rated as No Background.
About rule 15 and what Buddergirlgames said, would you be allowed to count a background made with brushes like that if you made the brush?
Hey there! This is a question specifically about maturity ratings since this was a confusion within the last year. The “sexual themes” rating mentions depictions of kinks/fetishes being permitted so long as they’re tagged, so I’m curious if something like, say, vore or hypnosis would be permitted as an attack under that rating? Or if we could put that permission in a character’s bio under a spoiler tag? I want to make sure that I guarantee the comfort of everyone and understand the rule changes fully, as that never really got addressed fully last AF and still doesn’t seem to have a clear answer. ^^
eyyy i got a question regarding something similar to cosplay idk. say that i have a character that isn’t full on cosplaying any copyrighted character. however, would it be allowed if a character wore, for example, a shirt that has pikachu's face on it (with credit of course)? thank you, i can’t wait for my third artfight!