Posted by Rainy on 10 February 2022 06:59:30 PM (Edited by Rainy 2 months ago)
Hello Artfighters! 

The time to choose the Art Fight 2022 theme has come. To vote, please visit the Google Form below to submit your vote. 

Before you do, here's a few things to remember: 

  • You only have ONE vote. Unlike the first poll, you can't vote multiple times. 
  • You may edit your response after voting. Just visit the same google form under the same email. 
  • You'll receive an email once you vote with your answer! 

* New: 
The form is now closed and the theme for 2022 has been picked! Stay tuned for more details. 

Comments (854)

Give it your best shot guys. <3 
Sylvaret said:
First-timer here as well.

Always up for practicing new designs, so this should be interesting~  Too bad I'll be living in Japan starting next year and won't really have the time from that point on lmao--gotta make this year count!
CrashJam said:
Aw hecc I missed voting by a long shot LMAO
Oh well! Super hyped to attack a bunch this year >:D
Hopefully I can really do my best this time around. I know my art skills have definitely improved from last year
First year doing this, so hyped!
Yooo this year's going to be pretty fun!  :D
Planning to attack a TON this time around, lol
I'm excited!! 
already bookmarking so many cool characters but i don't even know if they'll be on the opposite team   
Oh my goodness this is my first time ever doing this Oh boy well good luck to everyone!!!!
Hopefully I'll actually get to activity participate this year 😅 I've been lacking ever since it was tea vs coffee or ethier dream vs nightmare and that was what 3 years ago?? 💀
I cant wait for AF this year aaa
Yeesh, this is my first year doing this, wonder how it’s gonna go!
I cant wait to know the them!!! Aghh the curiosity is killing meee!!😻
I’m very excited! This is my first year doing artfight, so I better update all my refs for the characters I’m gonna use- absolutely hyped!
I agree, I've started to update all my characters now, and dang that is a task.