Posted by Rainy on 11 February 2022 01:59:30 AM (Edited by Rainy 5 months ago)
Hello Artfighters! 

The time to choose the Art Fight 2022 theme has come. To vote, please visit the Google Form below to submit your vote. 

Before you do, here's a few things to remember: 

  • You only have ONE vote. Unlike the first poll, you can't vote multiple times. 
  • You may edit your response after voting. Just visit the same google form under the same email. 
  • You'll receive an email once you vote with your answer! 

* New: 
The form is now closed and the theme for 2022 has been picked! Stay tuned for more details. 

Comments (1165)

Wolflix said:
This is my first ever art fight I'ma probably do things wrong but i can't wait to see the outcome! Bloom for the win 
Im EXCITED! Wither for the win!
I'm excited, wither for the win!
Wolflix said:
Excited for my first one! :3
arctic vs tropic hopium
theguy said:
this is gonna be SICK
ah I can't wait to see which theme is gonna be this year :3
cowih said:
lets gooooooo!!!!!!!!
Virika said:
Ohhh, interesting! There were many cool themes concepts in that Google Form. I think my favourite was "Unicorns vs Dragons" or something like that
I’ve never done artfight but I’m excited for my first time!!
i can't wait!
this is my first art fight :D
Bloom v wither ftw 
 i can't wait! this is gonna be my first art fight :333
Zjarrlou said:
 Can we hawe theme reweal?


(this is a joke btw, just in case)