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Art Fight Start Date

As tradition, Art Fight 2022 will be starting on July 1st, at 6:00 pm UTC. Please check the countdown on the front page for the exact start time!
We recommend you start preparing yourself by updating your characters and bookmarking some characters early!

We also wanted to remind you that drawing attacks before Art Fight starts (July 1st) is against the rules. Not only is it unfair to others, but it shatters the spirit of Art Fight. 
If you attempt to do this, your account may be banned.

Theme Reveal

The 2022 Art Fight Theme Reveal will once again be streamed on our Twitch!  The theme reveal will be happening on June 22nd 2022, at 10:30 pm UTC. 
The theme reveal is an annual animated video that reveals the team before the fight. This video is brought to you by our lovely artist Axel. Mark your calendars! 

Picking a Team Early

At some point before the fight starts, you will be able to join a team early on the site. Different from last year, it will be hosted on the site, rather than a form. 
The advantage to picking a team early is that you get to pick what team you want to be on! If you don't pick before July 1st, you'll be sorted on the team that has less members in order to keep balance. 

Other Updates…

Site Rule Updates

We have made some changes on our multi-account rule. You now can have multiple accounts, but only one can be active and on a team. 

Changes to Sponsor Tier

Due to increased amount of characters on the banner, we have made the decision to raise the Sponsor tier to $800. This will become effective when Art Fight starts, July 1st.
Anyone who has donated up to 300$ this current year (2021-2022) will still be eligible for the banner reward and grandfathered in. Similarly, anyone who donates $300 before July 1st will be eligible for the banner. 

Collaboration with HelloPaint

If you've been on the internet for a while, you may have heard of a website called iScribble. It allowed you to draw with your friends on the same canvas! HelloPaint is iScribble's successor, and we're proudly partnering up with them! 

Sometime in July, we're inviting you to join us in a massive drawing collab featuring the 2022 theme. This collaboration will happen in real time, and partaking might even reward you a little something? Who knows...Dates and details will be released soon! 

100 Character Limit

This update is from last year, however we just wanted to remind you that there is now a 100 active character limit. This decision was made because profiles with more characters than this were becoming difficult to moderate, and having no limit on characters uploaded can greatly increase the number of images Art Fight needs to host.

In addition to this change, there is a new "Character Archiving" feature that will allow you to "keep" characters beyond this limit. Archived characters will not be attackable and will have minimal profiles, but their names and any attacks made on them will still be visible to users. Archived characters may later be restored to an active profile, though they will need to have images and text re-added. More information on archiving will come when the feature releases.

Not to be confused with the user character limit, we have also added a limit to the total amount of characters able to be added to attacks. There is now a hard limit of 100 characters per attack.

2021 Achievements

You might be wondering about the state of the 2021 achievements. Rest assured, they are still happening! Our artist is working away and will be finished in time for the fight.

Discord Server

Trying to find targets? Join our Discord Server where you can partake in our channel Target Hunting - a channel designed to find users to attack.  


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I'm late, but no. You will stay in any of the Art Fight 2023 Teams (Vampires' bright red or Werewolves' grayish blue) as of the final days of Art Fight 2023 until the Early Teams Registration is open for Art Fight 2024.

This is based on my experience in Late June, everyone is in the 2022 teams (Bloom's green or Wither's mute pink) even after the Team Reveal, but will go back to Spectator once the Early Team Registration for AF 2023 is open in June 30.

So your name colour will stay in the team you were in the last fight until the next Team Registration.
Sroatles said:
Crimson4EVA no I think
Wait... Will we be turned back to a spectator right after art fight 2023 ends? I'm dumb ik sorry ;-;
When is the hello paint thing starting?
Wither team for the win!!
bloom more like………….. boo 

go wither hehe
There is no team choice in mine 😱
Piórko said:
Wither gang!!
Team Wither :)))) 
wither gang :)))
Urch1n said:
Team Wither all the way :)
krisp said:
bloom so i can attack all my wither friends😈😈
BurianPi said: