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Welcome, Art Fighters!
The time has finally come.

Joining the event
To join a team, click the "current event" button on the top right. You'll be able to be sorted into a team from there! 
For more information about the fight, check out our About and FAQ page. 

To attack someone, click the submit tab on the top left to be taken to the attack submission page.
When posting attacks, make sure you check if anything need to be filtered. You can check via our nifty Maturity Guide.
If you are having trouble understanding how to rate your attack, make sure to check out our Attack Guide.

If you have additional questions, get in contact with a moderator or join our Discord server.



Team Badges

To show your team pride, use the badges made by Sangtanic on your Art Fight profile! You can add them to your profile by clicking the little emoji on the text editor. 

Theme Reveal

If you haven't already seen the 2022 theme reveal video, you can watch it here

Lead Moderators are here!

We have been working on our staff structure recently, and have made the decision to introduce two new roles: Chat and Site Lead Moderators! These are the folks that have final say over important decisions, guide moderators, and help out behind the scenes. 

Give a warm welcome to our Site Lead Dartwind, and our Chat Lead cyxxie!

New Contact Page

We've added a new contact page that should make it easier for you to access help on the site! It lists all the moderators, what languages they speak, and what they can help with. Check it out here. The footer will be edited to reflect this.

Collaboration with HelloPaint

As you may have seen us announce in our previous newspost, we are collaborating with HelloPaint, the successor of iScribble!

We invite you to join us on July 15th at 7:00pm UTC on a board exclusively for Art Fight, where you will be greeted by a special Art Fight 2022 background for the respective teams. Your job is to draw your character on top of the background, interacting with background elements. We will feature the finished drawing on our Discord and the 2022 winner newspost! Come join the fun~

Another note to 3D artists

We would also like to address what we announced about bases in our last newspost. We've gotten some feedback and now have a better understanding of how important bases can be to a 3D artist's work process. This is why we are reversing our decision and are allowing base usage (with limitations) and vroid models this year! You can read about the changes in the section beneath! We want to apologise if we hurt anyone with our previous post or made it seem like we don't care about the 3D community. That was never our intentions!

We would also like to remind you that we are made up of volunteer efforts. We make art fight what it is on our free time, whether its development or moderating. We are just a group of people who want to bring you the best possible event, and on our way we may make a mistake or two!

We hope the 3D community will be happy with these changes. We worked very hard to bring you something that would let your creativity run free AND guards the game against any loopholes like spray painting a sims 4 cat as an attack (this would NOT be allowed under our current guidelines). And remember to give feedback in the forms at the end of the fight!

Art Fight aims to create a welcoming space for artist diversity and we hope these changes reflect that. Happy fighting from the team!

Rating updates

Apart from some minor text changes, point tweaks, and some new examples, here are the bigger changes in the guide this year:

3D Modeling
- Vroids, digital doll paintovers and base usage is now allowed and have their own subcategory.
- Rigging has been added as a subcategory.
- Finish and light subcategories have been removed as they were redundant or confusing to define.

- Clarified that painting figurines (fully) is okay for craft paintovers.
- Added brick builds to the bead category.

- Renamed "type" to "amount of movement" for clarity.
- Added "mixed movement" as a way to categorise attacks with both partial and full animation.
- Added PMV to the animatic subcategory
- 3D animation have been moved to tweening, as rigging is covered under the 3D category now.
- 2D vtuber models now have their own category to make up for any rigging work.


Some reminders of changes we made last year:

Art Fight 2022 Banners


Like a character you see here? Click here to view the official tag
Thank you to Axel for the beautiful banners, team badges, and animation reveal.
View the banners in HQ on our DeviantART group here


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Brume_ said:
3 days left T-T
Time flew by so fast bro 
noo i dont want artfight to be over hhgkjhkj
Oh god three days left already
Hi hi random but where can we submit suggestions? I have a few things in mind.
It can be like that yes.
Me too here but you just got unlucky with who you attacked. 
Make sure to Check how active people are that you attack, if they Do revenge and Put your Name on hitlists.
I know this Event is almost over But maybe its a tip for next year ;w;
Kichiiee said:
Hi to whoever is reading this! I just started Artfight this year and it’s honestly been one hell of a ride, i absolutely love it! I’ve never had so much fun drawing other people characters as much! I’m just kind of sad it’s all ending soon because a year feels such a long wait… :,) but I want to say to you that you got this! It’s the last few days and let us give it our all! Good luck to both teams!! Take care everyone!!
Well darn, I guess I should have checked before starting a few more. If I can handle the imperfection they can just be unfinished or Ill just send them to the owner via social media or somethin :)
iirc artfight art needs to be made specifically for the event they're submitted for, so no. most people i see just upload the unfinished one right before the event ends or finish it in the offseason :>
Hey so Im curious, what if we start something but dont have time to finish before Af ends? Can we just pick it up again next year? Mainly its just sketches and I dont plan to touch them outside of the fight. I just was worried if the file shows I started it in 2022 but submitted in 2023 if that would be bad?
I hate that I’m attacking so many ppl and I’m getting no attacks back -.-
SIug said:
I hate that I’m attacking like so many ppl and I’m getting like no attacks back TwT
Bioluminescent38 Don't worry about me doing that.  I promise you that once I choose a team, I stay with that team.
last week already, ahhh!! i only had time to make two (one in process rn) but im still happy that i did any at all!
Okay so a bit of an SOS here. 
I have clip studio paint ex and my lines started becoming rugged randomly, and I can't restart my computer right now.

Does anyone know how to fix it??