(also a magnet)

Art Fight sticker sales are temporarily closed, and may resume at a future date. Thank you for your understanding!

Shipping & Return Info

  • Packaging: These will be sent in a normal envelope, with a sheet of cardstock for protection.
  • No tracking: To make sure shipping doesn't cost more than the sticker itself, a regular postage stamp is used. Therefore, no tracking is provided.
  • Price: Shipping price is included in the base price for US customers. For international customers, an additional $0.65 is added on at checkout, to make up for the difference in international stamp price.
  • Timeframe: Stickers/magnets will normally be shipped within 1-5 business days after purchase unless I'm wating on a restock.
  • Returns: A full refund will be given for returned unused/undamaged merchandise. Contact for details.