Posted by Rainy on 25 July 2018 01:12:37 AM (Edited by Rainy 5 years ago)
Hey everyone!
This is just a quick announcement to say that we are extending Art Fight 7 days to make up for the site being down for the first days. We're sorry about that again!
To clarify, Art Fight will be ending on August 8th, 5:00PM US Mountain (AF time) / 7:00PM US Eastern. The front page has been updated to reflect that. 

Some other things to note: 
  • Don't worry about not getting achivements. We'll definitely make sure you have them in the end. 

  • There's no promise about the search coming back, as it was contributing to the slowness of the site, but for now you can find characters by browsing Coffee's Team Page and Tea's Team Page. You can also ask others in the Discord for characters to draw. We hope you understand! 

  • Some of you have asked what happens when Art Fight ends. When the event ends, the winning team receives a cool badge and bragging rights! You will lose the ability to attack, but you can still interact with others and upload characters. We host some cool minigames on the Discord and also host a Secret Santa! 

  • Also, a reminder that If you see any attacks or characters that are inappropriate or not rated properly, please report them! This helps the Attack Mod team a lot. 

  • Don't forget to check out the official AF2018 stamps on our DeviantART! &

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    Wingspan said:
    Ah rip oh well
    @cerrystarrs That idea sounds great, let's do an ArtFright!
    i wont be able to do much, but this is cool! btw,why does art fight only last one month a year? is it because programming the new themes is difficult, or is it to stick with a traditional annual thing?
    DOGDAZE said:
    is there a possibility that the search feature could return as an option in settings, like a checkbox for "advanced search mode"? i understand why it's considered being removed, but i would still like people to have the option if possible.
    starsane said:
    Yay its the day before singapores bday  
    THANK YOU i haven't been able to participate much these past few weeks i really needed extra time ;o;
    ok ok i'm not really gonna contribute anything majorly important but uhh
    petition to start an art fight halloween event that's all spooky and stuff and call it artfright
    i'll be le a ving now lmao
    Firestar said:
    Yes! Art fight is going to be still on during my b-day, game on
    but no ones givin meh a at a a c c c k k
    suzanami said:
    I got a late start AND I've had a bunch of irl stuff keeping me from drawing as many attacks as I'd like, thank you so much for this!
    Maddycute what they mean is that when Art Fight event ends, everyone loses the ability to attack. Even if you make a new account you can't attack anymore since the event is only held for 1 month in a year. 
    I think I’m going to get a Discord account just so I can join the Secret Santa 
    Loose the ability to attack? That ruins the whole game.. I’m just gonna make a new account if I can’t do that
    Biscuit said:
    Rainbow000Pegasus Last year it was held primarily on our Discord server, and probably will be this year as well! There will probably be a site announcement when the time comes for signups, however. 
    Nice >u< I won't be here for August 4th, so I still have chance to do some attacks
    Thank you for extension! ^^