Attack Rating Survey + Username Changes

Posted by Soren on 21 April 2019 01:32:55 PM (Edited by Soren 1 year ago)

Hello everyone!

We have one more survey for you. We’re currently reviewing our attack ratings, and wanted to get your feedback on our current rules on it. In this form, we’ll ask you how you felt about the ratings last year and if you thought you got the correct amount of points. We value your opinion, so please check it out! You can fill out the survey here. We appreciate everyone who gives us feedback!

We also have one quick announcement to make. With the exception of donators, who will still be able, we will not be taking username change requests during the event (July 1st - August 1st) due to strain on moderators. If you would like to change your username, you still have about 2 months to do so. See the contact page for more information on how to do change your name. The FAQ has been edited to reflect this.

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I love seeing all these surveys! I'm looking forward to the next Art Fight being better as a result of y'alls hard work and consideration towards us!
thank you guys for being so helpful this season!!