Posted by Rainy on 1 July 2020 07:58:44 PM (Edited by Rainy 1 year ago)
Hello Art Fighters! Welcome to Art Fight 2020. We’re all excited for you to participate!
As you already know, the theme of 2020 is Sugar vs Spice!


Here is some general information for those who are new!


  • Name changes are no longer accepted for the duration of the fight, with the exception of donators!
  • We have heavily updated our attack categorization.  Please check them out as they have a lot of changes!
  • You may have noticed that we implemented a dark mode! You're able to switch to it in settings.

Here’s a few helpful links to get you started:

Team Badges
To show your team pride, use the badges made by Sangtanic on your Art Fight profile and DeviantART! 

Sugar, left to right:

Spice, left to right:

Sugar, left to right: 
Unknown LakeLake Vanderdeer @reshirama @dogantlers ClockworkRhapsody
Spice, left to right:

Thank you to Axel for the beautiful banners, team badges, and animation reveal.

View the banners in HQ on our DeviantART group here

Let the battle begin!

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Thanks to all administrators and Mods for helping to clarify the rules. It’s very helpful to us newbs. Thank you also for adding the craft category and letting us make sculptures and jewelry and more! Check my profile if anyone wants a craft attack. 
Team spice rise up!
:D :3 Go Team Sugar! :3 :D
The extension gives us more time to surpass team spice. I joined in late so I'm really happy about it! I'm finally getting the hang of the site. Though still confused about how to add photos to profile..
Rokuusas said:
what is the theme again 
Hewwo how do I put my team badge on my profile I can’t figure out how :/
How do I put a team badge on my profile?
FTGRHDS I can't predict which team is gonna win its really close-

EBK said:

let the best team win~
Spice team fell a little behind yesterday and I got scared XD
Come on Team Sugar lets beat spice >:) 
chinzilla22 so basically you attack other people's characters, and you can put your own characters up as long as they are not having sex or something
Let's do this
I can't submit my attacks, it wont check the character. Please fix this, I really want to participate in art fight this year
So wait, r we allowed to do any character? (this is my first time)