Posted by Rainy on 11 August 2020 01:10:42 AM (Edited by Axel 1 year ago)
Reports on attack ratings will be temporarily disabled after 4PM MDT. If you wish to report attacks for reasons not involving ratings, (i.e. Harassment, tracing, etc.) please report the User’s profile and describe the problem accurately in the report. Once again thank you all for your help!

I apologize about the sudden site slowness yesterday and today. Due to this, the event will be ending August 11th at 7pm MDT (Art Fight time). Here's a countdown timer if you need it
After the event ends, the moderators will spend a few days responding to attacks and double checking things. The official newspost will be posted after that with the winning team. 

We appreciate the patience this last month. We hope you've all had a great fight!


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SXD said:
So who won?
I had so much fun this year! It was my first AF and it’s really helped me improve! I can’t wait for next year!
This was the first fight I truly participated (I was here since Coffee vs. Tea but I didn't participate until this year) in and I'm so glad I did! I had so much fun and everyone on both teams did fantastic! I'm definitely gonna come back next year for more fun and I'm gonna set my sights on attacking more people than I have this year! Thank you for such an amazing time everyone!
This was my first time at ArtFight and I enjoyed it vastly, it was so much fun and entertaining, I can't wait for next year!! 
Zenowave You can start doing preparations in light of next year's season by bookmarking other people's characters, and adding/removing characters that you have to change your lineup. Alternatively, we're also very active on Discord where we always host art minigames and socialize during the off-season, so you're always welcome to join the server as well.
L0RD said:
Zenowave Might be worth thinking about character design and uploading them now rather than during the fight- just means more time to focus on attacks for next year I guess
This year was awesome! Can’t wait for next :D
Zenowave said:
So this site's only use is one month a year? If we can't attack each other anymore, then what else is there to do on Art Fight?
And thus ends artfight 2020..
‘Twas a great year
This has been my first artfight, and it shall not be my last ÙwÚ
Everyone did a great job, and their art is godly-
To artfight 2020..
omg i really enjoyed artfight this year for a beginner♥♥but i couldn't make a second attack bc i lost my motivation but seriously i really love this art fight this year!★
Too bad my art block took me long to do an attack art and I was too late, I wish I joined this site sooner 
This was a great year everybody! I met a lot of new friends! I hope I’ll see y’all next year! Good game! :-D
oof XD i was end arts and try to add here, BOOOM event ends :V
i was think, that is longer ::o
well ::D next time, i will more prepare for that! had a lot fun!
I wish it was longer