Posted by Rainy on 12 April 2021 03:28:18 AM (Edited by Rainy 2 years ago)

In this update:

  • Newly released features: username changes and automated donation processing

  • Volunteer applications are open

  • Donations FAQ updates

  • Final thoughts from staff

  • Automated donations and name changes have been released!

    Name Changes
    There is no longer a need to contact moderators for username changes! You can change your username in your user settings. You will be able to change your name once every 30 days, as long as you have name changes available.

    We’ve automatically given every user their initial 1 name change, regardless of whether you used your free one up. In addition to this, all users will now receive 1 name change every year on January 1st!

    If you’re looking to change your username more often than that, extra name changes can still be obtained as a bonus for making donations. 1 extra name change will now come with every $2 USD you donate within a single transaction. If you have donated since July 1st 2019, we are retroactively awarding name changes to your account based on your total donations made within that time. If you have already "used" your name change(s) from those donations, consider this an extra gift from us!

    Your account is able to hold up to 12 name changes at a time - if you are currently at that cap, you will not receive additional name changes on January 1st, or when making donations.

    Please note that minor name changes (capitalization, number removals, etc) are still available for free by contacting a mod on the contact us page.

    Automated Donations
    On-site donation rewards are now automated*! This means that once you donate, your (on-site) rewards will automatically go through without any manual work needed. You'll also be able to view your donation history, where you'll find information about donations you’ve made, your current donation tier, and lifetime donation total. Keep in mind that discord rewards are still manually given out and may take longer to receive.

    (*The “Custom Symbol” reward in the VIP+ tier still requires communication with an Administrator as symbol choices need to be approved before use.)

    We have imported records from PayPal of all donations from July 1st, 2019 to present. At this time, we don’t know whether or not we will be able to add donation records prior to this date, but we may in the future.

    Along with this update, we've made the decision to retire the current donation progress bar in the site's footer. All funds earned from donations are currently going towards server and image hosting, site assets, and other expenses directly related to Art Fight.

    Should there be a specific goal in the future (for example, running the fight in 2023) that we project needing additional funds for, the donation progress bar will return for that goal.
    If the donation progress bar is not present, it means that we're receiving enough donation funding for current operating costs, and will be putting any further donation funds towards future costs.

    As always, we're extremely grateful for all of the support we've received- we're able to keep Art Fight running thanks to you!

    Rules Update

    Quick reminder that we recently updated our rules as of March. Please take the time to read through them, as a lot of changes were made!

    Volunteer Applications Open

    Our annual volunteer form is now open! Ever wanted to help out Art Fight? We have positions for both Site and Discord moderators. If you think you have what it takes to be a moderator, you can apply below!

    If you have already applied in 2020 and have nothing new to add, please do not re-apply. We are still considering and processing those applications.

  • You must be at least 18 years old to apply

  • You must have participated in one Art Fight Event (does not include minigames)

  • We are looking at users who are active on the Art Fight site or Discord server

  • Being in the Art Fight Discord server is a requirement

  • Any applications from people that don’t meet the above requirements will be ignored

  • Click here to be sent to the form. We look forward to seeing your responses!

    Donations FAQ Updates

    In the newspost about transparency we put out a feedback survey where you could ask questions. Here are Takaia’s answers to those questions.

    Have you considered having volunteer artists?
    Yes, we have considered having volunteer artists! However, we’re still discussing what exactly that entails and will likely bring in volunteers only for the smaller tasks, and not the big tasks. We will be looking into it more next year.

    Will Art Fight ever start happening twice a year?
    Making Art Fight a semi-annual event is currently not feasible due to the risk of burnout and amount of work / time that needs to be put into each event from the entire staff well in advance of each event. It's a fairly common suggestion, so if it ever does become feasible, we'll let you know!

    Why don't you put ads on the site?
    Based on the positive responses to people suggesting this, ads are something that we may be bringing to the site in the future! I originally chose to not put ads up because I assumed that people would find ads too annoying to deal with, but you guys have told me that that isn't the case. The end goal is to just have internal ads that any user can pay for and have displayed. If we find ourselves needing to host external ads, we will commit to using non-intrusive ad services.

    How long until the money runs out?
    The expenses for the site itself have always been fully funded by the amazing people who donate their money! If donations continue as they have, we don’t have to worry about the money running out πŸ’–

    Why didn’t I receive my discord role?
    Usually, one of the following are the reason why you don't have the Donator role:

    If you haven’t received your discord role from a donation, please contact Takaia on Discord: @ Takaia#0135

    Going Forward

    We love our users, and will be doing our best to make sure you’re satisfied. In the coming months we will be doing various bug fixes and general preparation for this year's fight. You can also expect a revamped maturity guide and ratings guide, as usual. Please check out our Suggestions Trello for more information about the future!

    Additionally, if you are waiting on deleting your Art Fight account and have emailed [email protected], we apologize that there has been no reply. We are currently working on improving our deletion system, but the limitations of our current system have caused us to fall behind. If you have emailed [email protected], then we will get back to you. Thanks for your patience!

    If you have any feedback regarding these updates, please submit it here.

    Comments (36)

    onikama said:
    I hope I can get my first attack sooooooon ;3;
    This sounds great!! This will be my first year in artfight and I'm looking forward to it 😊
    krish said:
    Another year in ArtFight.  yEs this to be fan in my heard❀ 
    citroken said:
    Ads that artists can pay for sounds awesome! I don't even mind other ones as long as they're not obtrusive / out of the way of content. Ads we could pay to put on our profiles would be cool too if we wanted to showcase other stuff? The staff and community are awesome. I love hearing the additions and support towards Art Fight! 
    Switch_xx a mobile app for the site has been declined before as it’s too expensive to operate 
    I’m fine with any ads really I just want better accessibility for different devices. Maybe an app even! I have a hard time customizing my profile and my character profiles. Can’t wait for this years fight!,,
    Haven’t really been on art fight at all since last year (I was on sugar ☺️) but this has been keeping me up to date, and ads sound great if they’re not obtrusive! Also, super excited for this year’s fight, can’t wait!
    I think ads are completely fine if they are those still ones, not NSFW, and not those awful photoshopped ones of people’s hands having holes/other gorey and gross stuff. I think ads that are videos/gifs can cause some eyestrain and be a huge distraction. Plus, you could do things like set up a bunch of ads on each of the pages (like, I wonder if you can set ads on old posts most people won’t look at from years back so we won’t even notice?)

    Love all the changes + progress y’all are making!
    wreaux said:
    Internal ads sound like a great idea! I'm not sure about placement, maybe something like on FurAffinity where they are 
    pretty unobtrusive and off the to corners, but still worth the ad space for those seeking to buy some? Like LotusStar said video
    ads (not GIF ones, but ones you can click pause and play on) might be a deterrent to some users. 
    Jeez I'm so excited for the next fight already!! Thank you guys so much for putting this event together every year!! 
    Thank you so much for all your work to keep the site running and improving for us!!
    Alazel said:
    Big shoutout to the Art Fight team for their work on the site, y'all are amazin! :D
    yall are doing great :) 
    Thank you all so much for your efforts!! This site is running stronger than ever thanks to your hard work!! ❀️
    Unlucky said:
    Thanks y'all for working hard! Keep it up :)
    Thank you to the Art Fight staff for all your hard work! ♥