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Art Fight 2021 Theme Reveal

The time is finally here. 

Stamps by Sangtanic!

It’s become a tradition to animate a short video revealing the theme. This year, we revealed the 2021 Art Fight theme on stream. If you missed the stream, find the video uploaded to our Youtube.

Early Bird Registration - Pick your team!

Yes, as we stated before, you will be able to pick your team early by clicking on this google form and following the instructions. Please be aware that you won’t get on your team immediately, it will take some time to process. The form will close June 28th.  

Site Update - June 2021

In this update:

  • ToS has received updates

  • Rules have received updates

  • Filtering guide has received updates

  • Character tagging and tag search is now possible!

  • You may only upload a max of 100 characters. If you have more than that, you will not be able to upload more until you go below 100.

  • Character archiving is here! If you have a character but don't want to hide them, you can archive them. See below for details.

  • The ability to hide a user's CSS theme

ToS Update

We have updated the Terms of Service. We recommend reading through the policies for yourself, but here’s a summary:

Clarified Prohibited Content
- Sexually explicit content, including depictions of illegal sexual acts under US federal law.
- Content that depicts/mentions sexual exploitation of minors/visually appearing minors. (Disclaimer: Height is not a deciding factor.) This includes minors in any sexualized situation. This in particular is taken very seriously and can result in off site investigation and account banning.
Clarified Links to Other Sites and Materials
- We do not regulate what is posted outside of Art Fight and will not search through offsite activity unless given a legally serious reason to (e.g investigating claims of pedophilia). 

Rules Update

In addition to the ToS update, we have updated the Rules Page. You can click on the page to read a summary. Please be aware that the last major rule update was done in March, and if you have not read them recently, we highly recommend to.

Filter Guide Update

We've updated our filter guide, also known as the maturity guide for Art Fight 2021! Have a look at the changes and make sure your characters are filtered correctly.

New Site Features & Additions...

We have a number of exciting site updates that we think you'll all enjoy. This is brought to you by our developer, Pika. <3 

Character tagging and tag search
One of the most highly requested features is here. You can now tag your characters through their “edit” page! Characters are allowed up to 10 tags each, which will enable them to be searched in the new Tag Search. For example, if you have an anthro cat character, you might consider tagging them with "anthro" and "cat".

  • The new Tag Search can be found under the "Browse" menu item, or by clicking this link.

  • This search is also available to all users, regardless of donor status! Searching for a tag will return up to 48 randomized characters with that matching tag. You may click search again to return another set of randomized results.

  • Character Tags are currently in testing, so there may be some changes in appearance and availability of the feature over the next few weeks while we break it in.

  • If you come across tags that go against the Maturity Guidelines, you can report them as "Other", or message a site mod on discord.

Hide Theme Button
There is a new "Hide Theme" option on User Profiles, located on a new header dropdown button. Clicking this option on a user's profile will hide any custom CSS/theming they have on their page for the duration of your log-in session. We will be discussing the ability to hide custom CSS globally in the future.

Subscription Notification Changes
Subscription notifications no longer contribute to your total notification count next to your avatar in the site header. Instead, when you have new subscription notifications, a "new" badge will be displayed next to the subscriptions link. The "new" badge will be dismissed after visiting the subscriptions page.

Character Archiving
The 100 active character limit that was mentioned in the previous news post is now being enforced. There is no penalty if you currently have over 100 active characters, but you will not be able to submit new characters until your active total is below 100. In order to reduce your active characters, you may either archive or delete them.

Archiving is a new feature that will allow you to "store" characters not in use without completely removing them from the site. When you archive a character, their commonly moderated fields are deleted (images, description, and permissions), and they are hidden from your profile. Archived characters may not be attacked, but their names remain linked in any attacks they appear in, and they have a minimal profile that other users can view. You can also view their Attacks tab.

You can choose to restore an archived character later, and they will return to your profile and become attackable again. You will need to re-add any images, description and permissions at this time. Other fields are retained. Archiving is recommended over deletion unless you'd like to completely remove the character from the site.

You can find your archived characters under the "Archived Characters" tab on character management, or by clicking this link.

As mentioned before, this decision to reinstate the character limit was made mostly due to moderation strain over the past year with profiles that had more than 100 characters. We have found the vast majority of users have under 100 characters uploaded, and we think 100 characters is a fair amount to showcase for the event. We hope the new archiving feature will be a good compromise for having this cap, and will allow you to cycle characters out without losing their page and attack data.

Here’s a quick guide to the different visibility levels for characters and when you might want to use them:

Active - A character that appears on your profile and counts towards your active total. These are characters you want to be attacked for the current event.

Hidden - A character that does not appear on your profile and cannot be attacked, but still counts toward your active total. You might hide a character if you don’t want them to be attacked right now and have plans to unhide them later, or if you have under 100 active characters and prefer hiding to archiving.

Archived - A character that does not appear on your profile and cannot be attacked, and does not count toward your active total. This character has their images and most of their profile removed. You might archive a character if you don’t want attacks on them for the foreseeable future but would like to keep their name linked on old attacks and preserve their URL, which you could potentially restore later. You might also archive characters if you have over 100 active characters and wish to cycle them out without making them a brand new character later.

Deleted - A character that has been completely removed from the site. This is non-reversible, and you will need to submit a new character if you want to put this character back on the site. Archiving is recommended before deletion if you would like to preserve your character’s name on old attacks and have easy access to their old attacks.

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GL guyss! Go team Bloom newbies!!!
How do I choose a team
Wearybot The max file size is 5 megabytes!
Wearybot said:
Hey! What is the biggest file size I can upload for attacks/defenses? Thank you!
I'm sooo happy I participated!!!
That's so awesome! :D I'm new to the art fight, and, I have a question - how do I submit my characters to my profile? 
good luck!!<3
If anyone wants to attack me I will defend every attack I get. So if you really want art of a character hit me up :) 
Paramon said:
R_candy said:
Good luck everyone!!! 
Saturnnn said:
So how does this work? How do you trade art?
My first art fight
This is my first artfight!
My first artfight I'm excited  have fun!