Art Fight 2020 Start Date and Theme Reveal

That event you're waiting for is happening soon...

As always, Art Fight 2020 will be starting on July 1st at 12:00 pm US Mountain time. Make sure you prepare yourself by updating your characters and bookmarking some characters early! Like last year, there will be an option to choose your team before the fight, after the theme reveal!

On June 20th at 12:00 pm US Mountain time, we will be going live on Twitch, streaming the official Art Fight 2020 theme reveal animation!

After the reveal, we will release a google form which will allow you to pick your team. On the 1st, you’ll automatically be placed on that team. The advantage to registering early is that you get to pick your team. If you don’t, you'll be placed on your team the traditional way — randomly!

Additional info will be released on the 20th. Make sure to follow our Twitter for more details about the form.

Follow our Twitch to get a notification when we're live!

Other Updates...

New Moderators

We’d like to welcome some of our new moderators joining us this year! Please give a big welcome to leafjelly, luphorics, spacenerdy, sabletide, moesoup, bearlissa, Chalk, cyxxie, coldpressedhoney, and @spottedfang! We will be having more faces join us throughout the fight as well. 

Filters Update
The maturity filters were updated for 2020! There were some small changes to the rules, but gore, body horror, sensitive content have all received art examples. We hope this will help users better understand how our filters work with the provided examples! 
You can look through each section here.

Rules Update
We’ve made some changes to the rules for Art Fight 2020! We recommend you all read through them as there were some big changes made. 
Please take a moment to read them!

Username Changes Reminder
Please note that we will not be taking username change requests during the event (July 1st - August 1st) to prevent strain on moderators. If you would like to change your username, you still have about a month to do so. See the contact page for more information on how to change your name. 

Supporters (contributing donations of $5+) are exempt from this rule.

Discord Server Changes
As of June 15th, the minigames on the Art Fight Discord will be closing down due to Art Fight. Just like last year, you will still be able to edit your finished claims, so don’t worry about rushing to finish. Users will continue to receive the timeout role if they do not complete their claims within two weeks. 

The Discord voice-chats will also be closing for the duration of Art Fight due to moderation being shifted primarily to the event. They will open some time after the fight. VIP voice-chats will remain up during the event.  We have also removed the Dream vs Nightmare team roles to prepare for the new roles, and you’ll notice a new icon in celebration of Pride Month, also! 

If you haven’t already, you can join the Discord server here! Discord is one of the fastest ways to get contact with moderators and the latest information regarding the site.

2019 Achievements

You should have received a notification about them already, but the 2019 achievements are now complete, and here they are in all their glory!

Dream, Nightmare, Traitor, Dream Loyal, Nightmare Loyal, 2019 Winner

The achievements are done by our amazing lead artist Axel. Give him a follow! 

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I never received my dream badges, very late but, what do I do?
ik this is old but i never got my dream badges? idk if we're supposed to get them later or what
2D-Pocky said:
I know this is kinda late/old but uhh..i never got my dream badges and they are so beautiful that i want them ; 0;
eee can't wait!
Oddvar08 said:
Wow i cant wait!!
Hey, I never got my badges for last year?? When will we get those?
OkuBunny said:
AHHHHHHH I'm so excited!! OwO
geezer said:
Bruh I guess theirs an hour left..
I noticed someone changed the time to 1:00 to 12:00 well then 
So caught up in drawing and theres just a minute left! 
exoship said:
i cant wait!!!!!!^^
i'm so so so reaaaaadddyyyyy!!
I’m so freaking E X C I T E D D D D D D D