Posted by Rainy on 2 January 2022 11:47:17 PM
Ever wanted to help out Art Fight? We have positions for both site and chat moderators open. If you think you have what it takes to be a moderator, please apply below!

If you have already applied in 2021 and have nothing new to add, please do not re-apply. We are still heavily considering and processing those applications.

• You must be at least 18 years old to apply
• You must have participated in one Art Fight Event (does not include minigames)
• We are looking at users who are active on the Art Fight site or Discord server
• Being in the Art Fight Discord server is a requirement. Any applicants that are not will be ignored
NEW: Please make sure to read this document before applying.

Please apply here.

Comments (23)

I don’t like people and I’m underage so bai
I wouldn’t apply if I did fit the requirements but good luck y’all loll- 
Sp We require applicants to be at least 18 years old to apply because as a moderator you're highly likely to run into content not allowed on our site and discord server like unfiltered NSFW. We do not wish to expose any underage users to such content.
BoxPog said:
Im a minor but good luck to others!!
I can’t apply because of a minor, but good luck to those who can 
Dang I turn 18 in JULY of all months ;-;
I'm a minor, so...

I'm not a people person, so good luck to whoever applies. <3
yesile said:
mfw when you're in your twenties and you read all the comments from underage people more interested in modship than you are.


That is my face, because I am an emotionless rock.

Yukaz said:
mfw youre 15 :sob:
welp- i’m not 18 yet so uh-
Sp said:
Why tf do we need to be 18 to apply
Unlucky said:
Good luck applying y'all >:)
Babyuwu said:
Im wishing yall good luck :>>
good luck to those applying!!! <3